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October 2009

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  • 2009 IT Geek Halloween costume ideas

    Kristen Caretta - TechTarget 29 Oct 2009
  • Another year, another list of truly geeky Halloween costume ideas that say IT 2009 all the way. (Eye rolls, please!) Moving to Gmail: Want to stand out in a crowd of your midmarket peers? Pack your ...

  • What will net neutrality mean for SMBs?

    Kristen Caretta - Community Member 23 Oct 2009
  • After five long years of debate, lobbying and political posturing, the FCC finally voted yesterday to begin crafting net neutrality rules. With differing opinions across the board as to what this ...

  • Pervasive BI scenarios, from search technology to the cloud

    Christina Torode - Community Member 16 Oct 2009
  • Whenever I go to a show related to business intelligence or speak with an expert in the field of BI, there are endless opinions on how to get more out of BI and get that data out to more users. One ...