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Women in technology and science have an advantage

It’s a short week for a lot of people, but with vacations popping up, the work doesn’t go away. That’s why we’re rocking out an executive must-read list so that you don’t have to risk getting sucked down the rabbit hole that is the blogosphere. Here’s a quick executive summary of disaster recovery issues pertaining to zombies, the importance of working one’s network and the dynamics of women in technology and science.

  • What is the easiest way to kill innovation? Adam Hartung outlines several innovation killers, most easily identified by the statement, “We don’t do that around here.”
  • You think your data center is tough to cool? Try to make a tent in the Iraqi desert comfortable. The U.S. military spends more on air conditioning in Iraq and Afghanistan than NASA spends on, well, everything.
  • The town of Leicester, England, has got a bit of a business continuity and disaster recovery blind spot. Local government officials recently admitted that they didn’t have a plan in the event of a zombie apocalypse ,and then 150 zombies invaded their city council offices. Point taken!
  • Adaptive’s founder, Audrey MacLean, says that women in technology and science are more rare because little girls get stymied at an early age. The trick is in getting girls into tech while they’re still young.
  • Author and techno-speaker Scott Berkun asks, “What’s the difference between arrogance and self-confidence?” We’re pretty sure it has to do with the proverbial ability to write checks that your posterior can actually cash without requiring two forms of photo identification.
  • Maybe the women in technology and science just aren’t networking enough to get ahead. LinkedIn ranked many industries by gender and found some counterintuitive results: Guys in the cosmetics industry are better at networking, while women in ranching subscribe to the “good old boys” network.

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