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When to cut your legacy systems; the new innovation culture

When it comes to legacy systems, deciding what stays and what goes is no easy task. Hear from enterprise CIOs on the importance of strategizing and finding the right balance between the costs and value of your legacy systems.

Chief innovation officers are leading the charge and tasked with shaking up enterprise culture, but they can’t do it alone. Innovators at Hyatt, Merck and Nestlé Purina explain how new language, celebrating failures and a strong understanding of innovation culture are vital for business transformation.

Tim McDermott, chief innovation officer for the Philadelphia 76ers, is helping Millennials get back in the game and drive innovation for the team. Hear how he is embracing the youthful workforce and redefining business as usual.

A few months into 2015, Features Writer Kristen Lee checked in with CIOs to see what cloud projects they’re working on and what IT goals are on the horizon. The verdict: Office 365 and hybrid cloud top their CIO checklists.

Box, the cloud storage and file sharing company, is hoping to ease your cloud security worries with the introduction of a new service called Enterprise Key Management (EKM) that would give companies more encryption control. In this week’s Searchlight, Associate Editor Fran Sales breaks down the mechanics and explores the implications of this service.

Is your startup keeping its eye on the prize? Do you still have the passion necessary to take your startup to the next level? SearchCIO expert Bryan Barringer uses his own experiences to explain how to keep your startup focused and prevent failure.

The intersection of social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) is a disruptive force that is driving present and future business innovation. In the latest Essential Guide, learn tips on SMAC strategy and governance, hear from companies with successful SMAC integration and peek into the future of enterprise SMAC technologies.

Not every provider-company relationship lasts. Leaving your private cloud provider can be very legally tricky, but, luckily, David Rutchik, a partner at Pace Harmon LLC, is here to advise CIOs and companies how to prepare for the breakup.

Are you prepared for the new security paradigm? In this CIO Decisions e-zine, we explore how companies can strategize around data protection in order to stay ahead of their attackers and protect their valuable assets.

HIPAA compliance requirements mean well, but is proving a challenge for HIPAA business associates and other non-healthcare industries. SearchCIO expert Daniel Allen gives tips on navigating the choppy waters of HIPPA data privacy compliance requirements.

Over on the TotalCIO blog, Senior News Writer Nicole Laskowski talks building strategic partnerships to help drive business innovation, while Lee dishes on making a successful mobile wallet by having it double as a marketing platform. Meanwhile, on the IT Compliance Advisor blog, Sales explores the FCC’s net neutrality proposal and the implications of the Anthem breach.

Speaking of net neutrality, it’s almost time for the next #GRCChat! Join SearchCompliance editors and fellow tweeters Thursday, Feb. 19, at 12 p.m. EST to talk net neutrality in the wake of the FCC proposal. We’ll be discussing the potential effects on innovation and the future of net neutrality practices. See you there!

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