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Weekly Wrap-up (Labor Day edition)

Dear people in the IT industry:

Please don’t all go on vacation at once, like you did this week. We’ve been trying very hard to reach you for comment on stories. Won’t anybody look out for the journalists?

We still did manage to get some work done and post some stories, of course. A wrap-up:

You all hate your boss, or have hated your boss at one point or another. You hate your boss so much that you’re looking for another job.

Late August, an exciting time for sports. Baseball is coming to the wire. Football, football, football. And this year we had the Olympics, as well. In honor, we took a look at all the sports-themed IT stories we’ve written recently.

The Real Niel laughs in the face of your antiquated cost-benefit analysis. (Side note: Niel would never laugh in anything’s face. He’s a totally nice guy.)

Ok, weekend time. Labor Day weekend time. We’re going to Cape Cod, along with everybody else in Massachusetts. One final blowout before the darkness descends.

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