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Weekly Round-up

Sunday is the last holdout of newspapers. Suffering under tight budgets and diminished staff sizes, papers of all sizes still seem to hold it together on the day of rest. Working on a “Sunday story” means a reporter is putting a little something extra into the job. Yesterday was one of those good Sundays.

The New York Times finally got around to reviewing – and panning – Sarah Lacy’s Once You’re Lucky, Twice You’re Good: The Rebirth of Silicon Valley and the Rise of Web 2.0. Reviewer Katie Hafner has at Lacy, essentially calling her book out for a lack of seriousness and for writing incomplete sentences.

I didn’t love Lacy’s book by any means, and said as much when it was released in May. But Hafner’s review shoots low. Not as low as The New Yorker saying Mamma Mia! could legally be considered torture. But low enough that we wonder where Hafner picked up that chip on her shoulder.

Also in the Times, tech reporter Joe Nocera makes a pretty good case for why Apple should say whether or not Steve Jobs is deathly ill. Then, all the way at the end, Nocera breaks the news that Jobs isn’t kicking off anytime soon. Best part: Jobs personally calling Nocera to say the reporter is “a slime bucket who gets most of his facts wrong.” It’s not entirely clear if he is joking.

Over at the San Francisco Chronicle, Jaxon Van Derbeken digs in for a look at Terry Childs, the city network administrator accused of locking his bosses and colleagues out of the city’s wide area network. Turns out Childs is some sort of Cisco all-star. And he has some ammunition that he shouldn’t have, being a convicted felon and all, prosecutors say.

Not sure if this is supposed to be open to the public, but Boston Globe business reporter Hiawatha Bray has set up a Facebook group for Globe employees to trade tech tips. So far Bray is the only contributor, urging his fellow reporters to find sources through StumbleUpon. The real fun here is perusing Globe reporters’ Facebook pages.

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