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Viv takes AI to new heights; blockchain technology benefits

Virtual assistants are coming of age. Viv, a new virtual assistant with advanced natural language processing skills that allow her to understand complex commands, is set to disrupt the customer experience. What does it mean for the enterprise? In this week’s Searchlight, Site Editor Fran Sales details the new AI-powered assistant and explores the potential impact it will have on businesses and IT departments.

Blockchain technology — a distributed ledger that underpins bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies — promises to change how we think about monetary exchanges and is gaining traction around the world. But what makes it so great? This photo story highlights seven blockchain benefits according to Don Tapscott, author, consultant and CEO of Tapscott Group.

A U.K. hotel chain realized it needed to get closer to customers who book via online travel sites. Its solution was to cut out the middleman and adopt an API strategy. SearchCIO contributor Mary K. Pratt explores how the hotel chose its API management tool and how its strategy better serves the digital customer.

Business operations will look very different in 10 years, according Alec Ross, former innovation adviser to Hillary Clinton and author of the bestselling book, The Industries of the Future. The reason: advances in robotics. In this installment of CIO Minute, Ross explains what IT executives can expect from cognitive robotics innovation.

Hyper-convergence infrastructure promises to shake up the enterprise. How exactly? This infographic outlines the technology’s benefits, drawbacks and key enterprise applications.

Over on SearchCompliance…

Our blockchain coverage doesn’t stop there! In this SearchCompliance feature, discover the cybersecurity concerns that come with the increasing use of bitcoin and blockchain technology and what regulations could be on the horizon.

The role of information governance has expanded in recent years as enterprise leaders have begun to realize that the vast amounts of data generated and stored by companies provides a wealth of readily available business data intelligence. In this Q&A, governance expert Jeffrey Ritter discusses how the quest for big data intelligence is forcing governance professionals to move into the business realm.

Are you managing unstructured data properly in the digital age? In this webcast, Ritter discusses how integrating automated information governance processes can help with managing unstructured data.

Lastly, in this IT Compliance Advisor blog post, Kyle Anixter, PMO manager of IT services at Curvature, details the business benefits of ISO 27001 certification.