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Verizon homes in on digital content with Yahoo buy, dissent shrouds Privacy Shield

This week, Verizon bought Yahoo for $4.83 billion, ready to stake its claim in the online content and marketing industry. But experts are hesitant to applaud the deal, saying that the telecom giant will likely face hurdles as it integrates the struggling internet business. In Searchlight, associate site editor Brian Holak talks with industry professionals to find out whether Verizon can successfully compete in the digital content industry.

Privacy Shield, the new EU-U.S. data transfer pact that finally got the green light from regulators this week, took up a lot of the spotlight. First, on SearchCIO, features writer Jason Sparapani explores European dissent around the “robust” framework that replaces Safe Harbor and how enforcement will work. And over on the Total CIO blog, Sparapani details how businesses can use Privacy Shield to boost their reputations as customer-centric organizations. Lastly, on the IT Compliance Advisor blog, we summarize why companies should sign up to the framework fast, and what benefits there are from doing so.

“Technology is the backbone of our customer service,” said JetBlue CIO Eash Sundaram at this year’s MIT CIO symposium – a statement that shouldn’t come as a surprise to companies that pride themselves in providing good customer service. But Sundaram’s career has a twist – he is also chair of a venture investment firm. On Total CIO, executive editor Linda Tucci talks about this latest development in the transformation of the CIO role.

Mobile security is now the No. 1 technology priority among the IT decision makers 451 Research polled this year. Why? Because as companies increase their mobile capabilities, they have also introduced new vulnerabilities into their risk profiles. In response, IT leaders are incorporating more layers of security into their mobile environment, as opposed to securing just one aspect of it.

Scaling your startup business doesn’t just involve scaling your product or service — that’s akin to continuously plugging more lights into an outlet until you blow a fuse. Leadership and agility expert Joseph Flahiff lays out the three key areas of scaling a business that organizations often miss: culture, leadership and organization.

So-called third platform technologies — social, mobile, big data analytics and cloud – are crucial to driving business innovation, and CIOs have a key role to play when it comes to enabling those innovative technologies. In a Total CIO blog post, assistant site editor Mekhala Roy speaks with Fred Magee, adjunct research advisor at IDC, about how to employ multi-tiered strategies to help with implementing innovation.

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