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VR might be headed to the enterprise; Apple-FBI's 'backdoor' battle

Think augmented and virtual reality technologies are just for gamers and those looking to impress their dinner guests? Think again. In this week’s Data Mill column, experts at Deloitte discuss how AR and VR are making a play for the enterprise and how CIOs can prepare.

The big news of the week was the FBI’s court order demanding that Apple unlock a phone in the San Bernardino shooting case and Apple’s refusal to do so. What are the implications? This Searchlight column details the fight and explores the contentious subject of backdoors and why CIOs should be worried.

Playing it safe is no longer the best option for businesses looking to make it in the digital business economy. In this tip, technology analyst Kurt Marko explains how taking advantage of Mode 2 of bimodal IT can help your organization think more like a startup and reap the rewards of exciting and high-risk business ventures.

How is the education field taking advantage of IoT? In this article, Site Editor John Moore talks to Gonzaga University’s associate CIO to find out how the school is tapping ITSM to manage the growth of connected devices and what overall impact IoT will have on education.

Connected cars are set to be commonplace in the near future, but they’re raising some serious cybersecurity concerns. In this feature, Daniel Allen, research fellow at The Center for Climate Change and Security, talks about the many questions surrounding connected car security and how some of them are being addressed.

In this SearchCompliance handbook, learn how IoT is making companies reexamine data governance, security and compliance processes, and what strategies businesses are employing to take advantage of the surge in IoT data. Also on SearchCompliance, Dan Geer, a cybersecurity pioneer and CISO of In-Q-Tel, talks to Senior Site Editor Ben Cole about how IT network growth is influencing companies’ data protection and information security efforts.

Over on the blogs, Senior News Writer Nicole Laskowski reports the findings of a new study that finds that enterprise interest in location intelligence is rising despite its current nascence. Plus, Features Writer Jason Sparapani talks to IT director Todd Miller about the importance of cloud security. On the SearchCompliance side, Site Editor Fran Sales runs down the latest GRC news, including the Apple-FBI backdoor face off and the Department of Justice’s recent efforts to squash foreign bribery crimes.

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