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Uber privacy policy spurs outcry; robotic automation set to displace knowledge workers

Uber’s new privacy policy, which allows the company to access user data even when its app is not in use, has privacy advocates and some consumers squirming, and many asking, “Who really owns our data?” In this week’s Searchlight, assistant site editor Brian Holak explores consumers’ current expectations of privacy.

The robots are here — will we be automated out of our jobs? KPMG’s Cliff Justice predicts that approximately 110 million to 140 million knowledge workers jobs will be taken over by cognitive robotic automation systems over the next 10 years. From this month’s World BPO/ITO Forum’s Global Sourcing & Cloud Summit, editorial director Sue Troy lays out Cliff’s vision for this automated future.

Mobility consultant Bryan Barringer’s startup was finally taking off – so why were he and his colleagues experiencing a nagging feeling that they were missing the forest for the trees? In this SMB tip, Barringer digs into how your business can stay focused on your strategic vision.

We’ve got more videos from last month’s MIT Sloan CIO Symposium. First up, executive editor Linda Tucci Level 3 Communications chief marketing officer and former CIO Anthony Christie to talk about how his former IT training has helps him in his current role.

Then, head over to my video conversations on digital disruption with Peter Nichol, head of IT at Access Health CT, as well as CIO Leadership Awards finalist. In part one, Nichol talks about how he balances efficiency gains with innovation; in part two, he discusses how he partners with business peers and educates them on the value of IT.

On SearchCompliance, we roundup the top governance, risk and compliance news in recent weeks. This week, the theme is data security. Read about how the recently disclosed hack into the Office of Personal Management’s security clearance servers began a year ago, how a mobile app security flaw could have left up to billions of personal records vulnerable, and more.

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