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The value of a CIO-CMO union; IBM Watson brings personalization to healthcare

What’s the state of C-level relationships within your company? IT experts from Organic Valley and IBM explain how strong C-level bonds — especially that of the CIO-CMO — are proving vital to business success.

This week, IBM announced the launch of Watson Health, a business unit that will provide personalized care insights. In the latest Searchlight, Site Editor Fran Sales discusses what CIOs can take away from the announcement and touches upon evolving IT strategies in an increasingly analytics-driven and personalizable world. Plus, Yahoo might buy Foursquare and Google faces EU antitrust charges.

Mobile application development tools continue to proliferate, but choosing the right approach for your organization can be difficult. Executive Editor Linda Tucci talks to CIOs to get their expert take on mobile app development challenges and best practices.

Dealing with hybrid environments is challenging, but for CIOs, it has become a core competency that demands attention. IT professionals break down how to handle hybrid environments with new tools, more manpower and a deeper understanding of business data.

A new year, a new list of IT initiatives to tackle. TechTarget’s 2015 IT Priorities Survey asked 2,212 IT professionals their top projects, expectations and concerns for this year. Find out the results of the survey and see how they compare with your organization’s IT priorities in this Essential Guide.

Over on SearchCompliance, expert contributor Bryan Barringer offers advice on enterprise BYOD in a three-part webcast series. First, Barringer talks about overcoming BYOD legal issues; then he discusses BYOD best practices for mobility governance teams; and lastly, he discusses key mobility software and technologies.

In the latest installment of Startup Spotlight, Features Writer Kristen Lee visits startup URX to talk about deep linking — a process that would allow a user to move seamlessly from one app to another — and how their company thinks deep linking will improve mobile strategies.

Every company has a copy data problem, but it’s become something of a “hidden issue,” with the business side left in the dark by IT. In the most recent TotalCIO blog post, Lee discusses the copy data problem and how to manage it.

Finally, get caught up on the current state of business process management by checking out SearchCIO’s latest handbook on how BPM systems have changed in the digital age.

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