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The shift to platform strategies; architecting IoT with help from edge networks

Do you have a platform strategy in place? The platform revolution is in full swing; Accenture’s CTO spoke of the shift at the recent MIT Platform Strategy Summit and how it signals the end of industry boundaries. Also in Searchlight: Microsoft cuts 7,800 jobs and IBM unveils a new ultra-powerful chip.

IoT data poses unique challenges to already established architectures for data collection and transmission. As discussed in this installment of our Conference Notebook series, edge networks may be the key to addressing these challenges and effectively architecting for IoT.

In another installment of Conference Notebook, executive editor Linda Tucci caught up with former McCormick CIO Jerry Wolfe to talk about his role as CEO of the spice company’s new “food experience platform” startup, and why a digital platform is so essential to reaching today’s foodies.

Mobile payments are on the rise and IT professionals have a lot to say about it. First, get SearchCIO expert Harvey Koeppel’s take on the evolution of mobile payments and what CIOs need to do to properly integrate mobile payments into their IT strategies. Then, information security professionals dissect overblown mobile payment security fears and explore how mobile payments can actually boost data security. Finally, hear from mobility expert Bryan Barringer on how mobile wallets represent a new and improved way to pay.

Speaking of mobility, over on SearchCompliance, Barringer explores how automated compliance management can overcome mobility complications and save valuable company resources. Also on SearchCompliance, learn how compliance reporting processes may have led to Honda’s TREAD Act violations, and hear how #GRCChat participants think cybersecurity legislation could hurt data privacy.

Plus, in a video interview from the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium, Schindler Group CIO Michael Nilles discusses the CIO’s role in enterprise digital transformation.

On the TotalCIO blog: A recent MobileIron survey found that a growing number of professionals are increasingly using their mobile devices for both work and play — and are feeling guilty for it. MobileIron calls this group “Generation Mobile.” But is the name really warranted? In part one of a two-part blog post, Gartner’s Ken Dulaney spills what he thinks of the label and whether he thinks employees today indeed feel guilty about doing work on personal time. In part two, he homes in on wearables and whether they have the potential to take off in the workplace.

Also on TotalCIO, find out why the data privacy and security status quo — namely the lack of incentives companies have to update privacy and security policies and consumers’ complacency regarding the data collection process — persist, even in today’s breach-a-minute landscape. Two security experts share their take in this blog post.

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