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The rise of Drones as a Service; the impact of big data on data integration

Is Drones as a Service (DaaS) about to take off? Sony jumped on the drone bandwagon this week with its announcement of the launch of a joint drone business subsidiary. In this week’s Searchlight, site editor Fran Sales gets experts’ take on the rise of DaaS and how CIOs should prepare for the growing market. Also in Searchlight: hackers disable a Jeep on the highway and an adultery site was hacked.

More data, more problems — that’s the essence of the data integration challenge, according to MIT researcher Michael Stonebraker. Senior news writer Nicole Laskowski caught up with Stonebraker at the recent MIT Chief Data Officer and Information Quality Symposium to talk about the evolution and challenges of data curation and how traditional ETL is broken.

The platform revolution is here, but moving to a platform business isn’t easy. Paul Daugherty, CTO at Accenture, listed five major challenges, or “platform dichotomies,” for IT professionals to consider before they make the leap.

The modern CIO wears a lot of hats. This Essential Guide explores the changing role of the CIO, the impact of digitalization and strategies to adapt to the digital marketplace.

Over on SearchCompliance, Bitcoin and other cipher block chaining technologies continue to be hyped as a new form of digital currency. How is cipher block chaining important to information governance? SearchCompliance expert Jeffrey Ritter answers this question and explores the impact and potential of this technology.

On the ITCompliance blog, Sales runs down the latest GRC news, including the creators’ reflection on the impact of the Dodd-Frank law on its fifth anniversary, the new FIFA corruption investigation led by the SEC and critics’ challenge of SEC’s in-house judicial process.

Finally, who are the winners and losers in digital disruption? Join SearchCIO’s #CIOChat Wednesday, July 29, at 3 p.m. EST, to discuss digital disruption in the enterprise and how to survive and thrive in the digital age. See you there!

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