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The rise of Apache Spark; signs your customer service strategy is broken

Big data requires a big, effective data processing engine. According to Databricks, their new open source data processing engine, Apache Spark, is in a league of its own. In this week’s Data Mill, senior news writer Nicole Laskowski explores the technology and what separates it from MapReduce and other Hadoop offerings. Plus, Laskowski discusses whether Apache Spark is enterprise-ready in her latest TotalCIO blog post.

Is your customer service strategy broken? In the age of the customer, being able to provide an outstanding customer experience is more important than ever, according to consultant Rick Davidson. In this Conference Notebook column, read through Davidson’s six signs of a broken customer service strategy and learn how to get your strategy back on track.

IBM announced this week that it’s investing $3 billion in an Internet of Things business unit, underscoring the need for CIOs to start figuring out the potential benefits of IoT for their businesses. In this week’s Searchlight, site editor Fran Sales highlights the impacts of IBM’s announcement and discusses how to tackle IoT in your business through strategic partnerships. Also in Searchlight, Silicon Valley execs take a stand against controversial anti-LGBT laws; GitHub faces an unprecedented amount of denial-of-service attacks.

Enterprise social networking platforms are a great tool for employees to communicate and create, but launching one—especially a successful one—isn’t always easy. SearchCIO expert Bryan Barringer recounts the lessons he learned from FedEx’s social networking platform project.

Is it time to start thinking “digical?” Mobile expert Kelly Manthey says digital and physical interactions with customers can play off of each other to provide a better overall experience.

Also on the CIO Symmetry blog, get five IoT security tips from an IoT startup and learn more about how the CFO role in making IT decisions is growing in small businesses.

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