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The greatest CIO threat of all time: Women and chocolate

A survey by Infosecurity Europe has found that CIOs in the midmarket may have to start preparing for the greatest threat of all time: women and a love of chocolate. InfoSec recently polled 576 office workers in the U.K. and found that 45% of women are willing to give away their password to strangers offering chocolate, as opposed to 10% of men. On the whole, however, employees are less likely this year to Nestle (Tollhouse) up with information thieves, as the number of offenders dropped from 64% to 21%.

But still, of that 21%, the vast majority is women.

These clever social engineers — you might call them the Three Musketeers of data thievery — didn’t stop by simply offering chocolate for passwords. In order to make the breach more harming, these Baby Ruths of deception also asked office workers for names, dates of birth and telephone numbers. The payoff? The possibility of winning a trip to Paris which, surely, is worth a 100 Grand.

Clearly, these survey results are eliciting Snickers around the world today.

I’m amazed that so many women in the Milky Way were swayed by that sort of tomfoolery.

Just imagine the Butterfingers these people must have to let their passwords slip away.

Too much? I could keep going. I’ve got Mounds of material. Ha!

Maybe I shouldn’t be too hard on these password perps. Sometimes, at 3 p.m., with the end of the day drawing near, I’d sell my password for a delicious Toblerone.

So here’s the message to you, my midmarket CIOs: Be thankful these clever researchers didn’t offer male employees beer.

It’s also worth noting that someone actually paid money to conduct this survey. I’m not sure who the real suckers are.

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I'd pay 100 Grand to never hear so many bad puns again.
Ahh Brian really Skor'd with this one. A regular Symphony of..oh, Whatchamacallit, puns. I thought I would need to Take5 with the statistical Whoppers. I have heard of honey pots, but this is a real Pot of Gold story. It's apparent that with a little chocolate, a would be thief could hit Payday. Some might say the story was a (Milk) Dud, but I think this only Krackel's the surface of the security threat posed by Cacao Reserve.
I was not amused!!!! Oh! Henry, Please, do stop...... It is difficult enough for all of us to get any respect as it is but now---well, Mary Jane takes another hit..... (oops, that's just candy)
Okay - perhaps you weren't the bright bulb who decided to investigate the topic, but why you found it necessary to report this is beyond me. I found your post offensive and definitely not funny. I realize that your blog is all about irreverence and wit. However, you are perpetuating an issue that just won’t get better until real men stand up and say enough. It's this type of good ole' boy attitude that has made it difficult for women in IT in their struggle beyond ridiculous bias and the glass ceiling. If your wife / girlfriend / mother or sister had to cope with this kind of BS on the job, would you think it still so very clever? I would hope that if the report had reported these findings with a race or religious minority, you would have found it distasteful and overlooked the opportunity. Suggest you all grow up and remember this is not high school, but the business world.