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The emergence of containers; turning security hindsight into foresight

Container software has been around for a while, but it’s only just now finally having its big moment in the spotlight. In the latest SearchCIO Searchlight, Associate Site Editor Francesca Sales examines the containers buzz and whether companies should jump on board. Also in Searchlight: Samsung-Blackberry acquisition rumor nixed; the U.S. Central Command’s Twitter gets hacked.

According to a recent survey by EiQ Networks, 90% of CIOs across industries listed security as their top concern for 2015. What does that mean for security strategies? More money, monitoring and employee training, and that’s just for starters. SearchCIO contributing writer Dina Gerdeman lays out the current state of security in the wake of 2014’s high-profile data breaches and how enterprises can turn hindsight into foresight.

“We have to learn how to surf instead of trying to control the waves,” according to Matt Barcomb of the consultancy Odbox. He’s talking about the need for CIOs to adapt to change and, as Senior News Writer Nicole Laskowksi reports in this week’s Data Mill, one way is by utilizing systems diagrams to map out system boundaries, parts and connections.

Not sure if those pants you want to buy will fit? Let data science help. Fashion-tech startups Virtusize, Clothes Horse and LoveThatFit have built virtual dressing rooms to help customers find the perfect fit without leaving the house.

IDC predicts that during the next year, 75% of infrastructure as a service (IaaS) provider offerings will be redesigned, rebranded or phased out. Why is that? What will IaaS offerings look like in 2016? In this Ask the Expert, IDC Analyst Rick Villars answers these burning IaaS questions and puts the change in perspective for CIOs.

One of the most-talked-about technologies of late has been wearables. How can companies take full advantage of these devices while also keeping their information secure? It’s not an easy task, but Scott Christensen, director of technology at Edwards Wildman Palmer LLP, dished on embracing the new technology and outlined data loss prevention steps companies must take to protect data stored on wearable technology.

Speaking of wearables, Laskowski looks at devices that collect data 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to track sleep quality and tremors in Parkinson’s patients. This data can then be analyzed with the hope of answering questions such as why the disease progresses faster in some than in others.

Constant security threats and stricter compliance rules complicate security and protection strategies. In this tip, SearchCompliance expert Jeffrey Ritter explains how governance processes can help manage risk and looks at how to build classification tools and functional descriptive data into your digital assets for increased velocity and accuracy.

Technology advances so quickly that it can be hard for companies to keep pace. In this video interview at the ISSA International Conference, SearchCompliance Editor Benjamin Cole speaks to Jim Wiggins, executive director at the Federal IT Security Institute, about keeping up with technological advancement through employee training and keeping a continual balance between security and compliance.

Are there any buzzwords that make you cringe? In the latest #CIOChat recap, SearchCIO editors and followers share the IT terminology that they are swearing off in 2015. Over on SearchCompliance, participants in our #GRCChat revealed their GRC and security predictions for 2015.

It’s almost time for the next #GRCChat! Join SearchCompliance editors and fellow tweeters Thursday, Jan 22, at 12 p.m. EST to talk BYOD compliance. We’ll be discussing how to balance mobile security with legal compliance and much more. See you there!

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