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The Achilles heel of biometrics; IT outsourcing mistakes to avoid

The uniqueness of fingerprints, retinas and the other biological features that biometric authentication relies on is the security tool’s greatest asset. But in light of the theft of 5.6 million fingerprints in the recent Office of Personnel Management breach, this immutability is also the technology’s greatest challenge. In Searchlight, assistant editor Brian Holak gets security experts’ take on the future of biometric authentication, and their thoughts on what CIOs can learn from the hack.

Implementing a hybrid cloud architecture is rife with challenges. Not only does it involve integrating disparate systems and keeping them secure, but also requires alignment among multiple departments and a thorough understanding of the technology — or risk suffering the legal consequences. From Hybrid Cloud Summit, features writer Jason Sparapani details advice from cloud experts and practitioners on hybrid cloud mistakes to watch out for.

IT outsourcing deals are like snowflakes: No two are alike. But when they fail, the reason they do so is the result of an error in one of three areas: outsourcing strategy, contracts and post-deal governance. In a three-part tip, Andy Sealock, managing director at outsourcing advisory firm Pace Harmon, guides CIOs through those three failure points.

Looking to go down the road to starting a big data analytics platform? There’s no easy prescription for CIOs, according to experts at a panel discussion at the recent Big Data Innovation Summit in Boston. Senior news writer Nicole Laskowski lays out practical advice from experts about how to adapt IT to digital business.

Moving to the cloud promises many benefits, including lower hardware costs, improved application scalability and performance, and more. But planning for and executing a cloud migration is complex. In our latest Essential Guide, we explore these challenges and offer best practices to help CIOs make the leap.

CIOs well know that in order for their organization to succeed in today’s competitive landscape, they need a well-defined strategic IT plan. Crafting one isn’t simple, however — which is why we’ve created a CIO checklist to help you make sure your plan has what it needs for your company to succeed. Find out more and download the checklist here.

Over on Compliance…

Digital evidence, such as the evidence from Google’s computer systems that was allowed in a recent U.S. criminal case, is being increasingly used in court cases. In this Q&A, information governance expert Jeffrey Ritter lays out details of the aforementioned case and discusses the impact this trend could have on the future of corporate data governance.

The number of financial regulations companies must adhere to, both domestically and worldwide, have reached peak numbers — and it will only continue to increase. As a result, financial services firms and their compliance teams report experiencing “regulatory fatigue,” particularly from tracking and managing these rapidly escalating regulatory requirements, according to a survey of these firms by Thomson Reuters. Dig deeper into the findings in this feature.

On the blogs…

The work that goes into hybrid cloud is complicated enough without taking vendor hype into account. On the CIO Symmetry blog, find out why cloud experts advise organizations to stop trying to control vendor hype — and instead to manage it. Then, pin down what the term hybrid cloud really means from the many definitions floating around. Elsewhere in the blog, find out why SMBs’ IT spending on software and services, particularly around cloud, are forecasted to increase through 2019.

On the Total CIO blog, Laskowski describes the concept of “choice architecture” and gets tips from an expert on how IT leaders can become choice architects. Plus, Laskowski details the steps UPS took to transform from an analog to a digital business. Elsewhere on the blog, executive editor Linda Tucci investigates the gulf Gartner says is widening between digital business “front-runners” and those only in the digital planning phase. Plus, security experts share how companies should include data protection into their innovation lifecycle.

And on IT Compliance Advisor, we summarize the latest GRC news, including Fitbit’s announcement that its wearables are now HIPAA-compliant, CFOs’ belief that earnings misrepresentation is rampant in their industry, and more.

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