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Symmetry, defined again, again.

Hi there. Welcome to the blog. Over the coming weeks and months Zach Church, CIO-Midmarket’s news writer, and I are aiming to bring you the most relevant CIO news that you’ll be able to find on these vast, expansive interwebs we call home. It can be difficult to find the news that’s hard hitting, impactful and, uh, another synonym for things that attack with force! But we’re looking to bring all that news to your email inbox, RSS feed or PDA.

But what can you expect to find on CIO Symmetry? See why other midmarket CIOs are making news and you aren’t. We’ll gather relevant news for you to peruse —  here — at your leisure. Considering attending a trade show aimed at CIOs, but you’re just not sure that effusive PR person is being totally honest with you? We’ll give you the skinny.

But most importantly, we want to hear from you, our dearly beloved midmarket CIO. What makes your job easier or harder? Is the guy who runs a data center a royal pain? Was that golf sales outing last week just not what you were expecting? Tell us. And we, in turn, will tell you about everything you might not have time to chase down on your own. After all, we both realize you’re busy, but that’s no excuse not to be up to speed on the midmarket happenings.

And while news gathering is ultimately the goal here, the two of us will also provide expert analysis and commentary with a little bit of wit, a healthy dose of sarcasm and just a touch of cynicism.

Plus videos and funny pictures. Did I mention the funny pictures yet?


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