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Swine flu and business continuity planning resources

It’s barely September, yet warnings about flu season — swine flu season, that is — are circulating fast and furious. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had a press conference this week, and swine flu is top of mind for many who do disaster recovery or business continuity for a living. As Linda Tucci’s story this week (“Tips for business continuity and contingency planning for swine flu”) notes, the pandemic is a risk less because of the H1N1 virus’ severity and more because of the volume of people who could potentially get it. Some workplaces could suffer absenteeism of 30% to 50% for some period of time, according to some scenarios.

To help you all prepare, then — for your IT contingency plans, for helping your organization with its business continuity plan for swine flu — we have compiled a list of resources. And for even more up-to-date information, you can follow the CDC on Twitter at

Other resources include:

Here’s hoping we all stay healthy.

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