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Spreadsheet errors, the new Microsoft CEO and our award-winning pieces

If we may brag for a moment (and tip our cap to the Olympics): The SearchCIO team took gold in several categories in TechTarget’s internal editorial awards this week, which honored our work during the past year.

Senior News Writer Nicole Laskowski’s Data Mill series, which focuses on all things data, was among the honorees. In her most recent weekly column, Laskowski talked to Felienne Hermans, assistant professor at Delft University of Technology, and Steven Gustafson, R&D manager at the Knowledge Discovery Lab for Schenectady, N.Y.-based GE Global Research, about new visualization tools with the ability to spot weaknesses in error-prone spreadsheets.

Senior Features Writer Karen Goulart’s CIO Innovator profile of Bally Total Fitness CIO Guy Their also nabbed top honors. In this feature from last year, which appeared in our flagship CIO Decisions e-zine, Thier opened up to Goulart about managing his company’s total business transformation.

SearchCIO also won an award for our CIO Briefing on the evolution of big data. After you’ve checked out that guide, stop by this month’s edition, which looks at why traditional IT infrastructure is getting a little TLC — or, in some cases, being scrapped completely — as outsourcing, cloud technologies and hybrid IT take hold.

Awards aside…

The appointment of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is causing quite the stir in IT circles. Some of our expert CIO contributors — Harvey Koeppel, Niel Nickolaisen and Ravi Ravishanker — weigh in on the Microsoft landscape Nadella now faces.

In place of our regular Searchlight column, check out a recap from our latest SearchCIO tweet jam. Read why #CIOChat participants believe wearable devices will present CIOs with huge, expensive data challenges — but that shouldn’t deter them from finding ways to extract value for business.

Also on SearchCIO, Editorial Director Christina Torode talks to Baroness Pauline Neville-Jones, the U.K’s special representative to business on cybersecurity as appointed by the prime minister, about cybersecurity. In this video, filmed at ISSA’s International Conference, Neville-Jones discussed why mapping enterprise infrastructure should be a top concern for IT leaders looking to improve cybersecurity.

In SearchCompliance news…

Contributor Judith M. Myerson outlined three steps security professionals should take to implement defense in depth, mitigating risks stemming from mobile GRC application use. In another video with Neville-Jones, the Baroness talked about how companies are not necessarily looking in the right places to ensure information protection — something that will definitely hurt the business. Learn why what you don’t know will hurt you.

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