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Soundsgood publishes playlists across streaming services; blockchain's impact on Congress

How is Soundsgood, a Paris-based startup, different from the plethora of other music streaming platforms available today? The company offers a so-called aggregation platform, a cloud-based service on which music influencers such as DJs and music critics can devise playlists that can be shared across other streaming services with which Soundsgood is partners (these include Spotify and Soundcloud). Senior Site Editor John Moore delves into how aggregation platforms work and the challenges ahead.

Blockchain, the technology underlying cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, is the biggest topic of conversation in the financial sector – many banks and financial services companies fear being disintermediated. But it’s only recently gaining the attention of U.S. Congress. More education is needed, said U.S. Rep. David Schweikert (R.-Arizona) at the DC Blockchain Summit last week. In her blog post, Editorial Director Sue Troy, delves into how Schweikert proposes to combat this knowledge gap.

After Safe Harbor was struck down late last year, the introduction of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) seemed like good news to multinational companies. But with text’s 50 components (each of which the local EU authorities have claimed interpretive authority over), it seems less an overarching standard and more something companies will need extensive guidance to decipher. At this year’s RSA Conference, data privacy experts from Adobe, Google and Microsoft talk about how they think GDPR will impact their compliance processes once the regulation goes into effect in 2018.

There’s a lot of hype around 3D printing, with some calling it the next Industrial Revolution. Does the technology live up to it all? Columnist and former CIO Harvey Koeppel says yes – and more. In our March handbook, he lays out 3D printing use cases across various industries, and offers 12 CIO tips for how to take advantage of the technology.

Onto compliance matters…

While increasing cybersecurity threats have become the bane of today’s enterprises, they’ve brought one good thing: intelligence data that can be analyzed to mitigate future threats. But with companies increasingly moving data management to the cloud and third parties, it’s become harder for their security teams to keep up with the analytics data. Demetrios “Laz” Lazarikos, vArmour’s CISO, details the benefits of a proactive, risk-based approach to InfoSec monitoring in this SearchCompliance webcast.

As the Internet of Things gains popularity, companies are trying to catch up – and also to figure out the best strategies to protect the data stores and transmitted by these devices. This task is made more challenging for companies that have to integrate IoT with their legacy environments. In this video, Lazarikos talks about how IoT is impacting companies’ InfoSec strategies.

“A digital revolution need a trust revolution,” said Marc Benioff at the World Economic Forum last year. In Achieving Digital Trust: The New Rules for Business at the Speed of Light, a new book on the topic written by lawyer and frequent contributor Jeffrey Ritter, outlines how to approach this digital trust, as well as information governance, data security and commerce. Read an excerpt here.

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