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Social media networking tips for finding new CIO positions

There’s nothing like the first day back after a major national holiday to make you feel like you’re drowning in task items. Cheer up, we’ve got your back. We’ve combed the Web and picked only the best and most interesting selections, ensuring that you’re up-to-date on last week’s high points. We’ve got social media networking tips, an automated elevator-pitch helper and help for resuscitating languishing CIO positions.

If you’re not sullied by Dropbox’s bad reputation for security breaches, John Jantsch gives you five ways to make Dropbox more useful.

One of the biggest social media networking tips is to protect yourself: Don’t let oversharing give crooks an upper hand.

Everyone needs a solid elevator pitch, whether it’s for a project you’re excited about or for yourself as you look at new CIO positions. Harvard Business School’s Elevator Pitch Builder offers helpful word suggestions while you craft your pitch.

Do you ever feel like everyone in your company hates the IT department? You’re right, they do.

Poor AT&T. Not only does Lance Ulanoff think the AT&T-T-Mobile merger is DOA, but the recent business customer phone-hacking was tied to terrorist funding.

File this under “You get what you pay for”: India is losing a huge chunk of its outsourcing business to offshore Filipino call centers, even though the workers in the Philippines are paid slightly better than their Indian counterparts, driving the overall cost of outsourcing up a smidge.

While the content of CIO positions doesn’t change, the context is a struggle, says John D. Halamka.

Using social media as a networking tool takes some finessing. It’s not as simple as setting up a profile and letting the job offers come to you. Here are some social media networking tips for using LinkedIn to find a better job.

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