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Slowly phasing out ITIL V2 Foundation, starting with certifications

Those looking to be certified in ITIL V2 Foundation have missed their chance: As of July 1, the V2 Foundation recertification is no longer offered, as the Office of Government Commerce slowly withdraws ITIL V2 in favor of ITIL V3. It’s out with the old, in with the new(ish) ITIL.

According to George Spalding, an executive vice president at IT management consulting firm Pink Elephant in Rolling Meadows, Ill., more than 300,000 individuals worldwide have taken IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) exams since January 2009. While both V2 and V3 have been offered as of late, there were more people seeking V3 certification than V2. “It was time to get everyone up to speed on the same version, speaking the same language,” he said.

ITIL V3, introduced in 2007, emphasizes a more business-driven, top-down approach to IT management, an approach that was expected to gain more executive support. However, ITIL V3 gained momentum slowly. In an online ITIL adoption survey from Q3 2009 of organizations (mostly from North America) with 500 employees or more, the results showed that while ITIL V3 adoption was occurring, it was happening slowly and in pieces. At the time of the survey, only 4% of respondents indicated that they were implementing V3 from scratch.

Many organizations stuck with ITIL V2 Foundation for so long because they were comfortable with it. Plus, the timing was all off: Shortly after V3 was announced in 2007, we spiraled into a recession, so new initiatives were shelved. And before that, “many organizations were still maturing their ITIL V2 strategy,” Spalding said, “It can be hard to switch gears midproject and onto a new version.”

What does this really mean for users, that there won’t be another alternative for ITIL V2 Foundation certification? Will this affect your IT shop?

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