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Senior leadership success in 3 steps; the CIO's role in a platform business strategy

A stellar CIO is only as good as his direct reports. To build a leadership team of that creates breakthroughs in its industry, leadership and agility expert Joseph Flahiff argues that CIOs need to build a supportive culture in which senior IT feels confident experimenting with new ideas. In this tip, he offers three steps on how to get there.

Many companies are just beginning the journey to becoming a digital business. How do CIOs jump on the opportunity to play a major role in this journey? In this video interview excerpt from MIT Sloan CIO Symposium, Peter Nichol, head of IT at Access Health CT, shared how he gets people in his organization curious about digital projects.

Also from MIT, SearchITChannel site editor John Moore interviewed various academics, consultants and tech execs to get their take on the rapidly expanding platform business model, a radical shift from the traditional product-oriented business model. In this feature, find out why and how CIOs need to rethink how their IT infrastructures are designed — as well as how their roles should change — to prepare for this shift.

How can you talk digital investments with your business peers? With good salesmanship, according to Crossing the Chasm author Geoffrey Moore. From the recent Hadoop Summit in San Jose, senior news writer Nicole Laskowski outlines Moore’s two-part framework for how to market high technology to the business.

After we published our Searchlight story on the potential business uses of the Apple Watch, we discovered SearchCIO readers had a lot to say. In this roundup, see why some readers were very optimistic, why others were more cautious — and why the rest just flat-out said it was unlikely to take off as a business tool in many sectors. (Plus, we included an infographic you can download!)

On SearchCompliance…

Many organizations are still struggling to comply with regulations that are decades-old; others are steeling themselves for pending laws; and others are struggling with the mounting paperwork of more recent bills such as PCI DSS. Are you one of these organizations? Flip through this SearchCompliance slideshow to get recent guidance on how to keep up with all these regulation challenges.

Security experts believe that these days, there are only two kinds of companies: those that have already been hacked and those that will be. This is one of the reasons why MIT Sloan School of Management launched the Interdisciplinary Consortium for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity, or (IC)3. Writer Mary K. Pratt lays out how the consortium is using interdisciplinary research and industry partnerships to develop more effective cybersecurity tactics.

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