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Recent megabreaches underscore need to bridge security skills gap

There’s no doubt that cyberthreats are getting smarter and more effective, but the same can’t always be said about companies’ security measures. This week’s discovery of the Tumblr, Myspace and Fling megabreaches — in which more than 642 million passwords were compromised — highlights the security knowledge gap present at many of today’s organizations. In this week’s Searchlight column, Site Editor Fran Sales explores the overall security skills gap and the dangers of relying on the old checkbox approach to security. Also in Searchlight, Google will now help users find their phone and remotely wipe its contents.

As the blockchain movement gains momentum, more questions are being raised about the technology’s potential. At the recent MIT Sloan CIO Symposium, a panel of experts attempted to address some of those questions, discussing the quest for blockchain use cases, the efficacy of private blockchains and whether regulators would embrace the technology.

Our coverage of the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium doesn’t end there. In these video interviews, SearchCIO staffers talk to several CIOs and IT executives to get their opinions on digitization, leadership, security strategies, governance and more.

•   CIO skills are being sought for corporate board or CEO positions

•   The CISO needs act as an adviser and facilitator, not simply an enforcer

•   How and why companies should step up their data governance strategies

•   A two-pronged cyber strategy uses big data to facilitate and protect

•   The ‘ABCs’ of IT skills training

•   A new customer-facing initiative employs comedians to help customers take better control of their 401(k) plans

Also from the MIT CIO event, an expert panel gives advice on novel ways to close the IT skills gap. Also, this Total CIO blog post recaps an MIT panel that explored the CISO role and reporting structure in an increasingly connected world. Lastly, this IT Compliance Advisor blog post recounts modern day security challenges and the future of cybersecurity, as discussed at the conference.

In this Conference Notebook, Executive Editor Linda Tucci talks with R. Lee Coulter, an organizer of the 2016 World BPO/ITO Forum, about the state of AI applications in IT and business process outsourcing.

Security should be a top priority for CIOs — now more than ever. To make sure that an IT department doesn’t misplace its security efforts, CIOs and IT executives need to develop a comprehensive IT security strategy that actually works. In this Essential Guide, explore the cybersecurity landscape and absorb the latest information around next-generation security architectures that can help you build an effective IT security strategy.

Plus: a not-so-ringing endorsement for robots in the workplace and what IT execs need to know for the future.

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