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Quick thoughts from the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston

FedEx Corp. CIO Rob Carter opens with a zinger: “I think if we did this conference where I’m from [Memphis] people would still be stumbling in from Beale Street right about now.” Actually, Rob, if they did this conference in Memphis, I’d just stay on Beale Street and deal with the consequences later. It’s Memphis. It’s awesome. End of story.

Carter jets for early Sox game, moved up to accommodate one-two punch with Celtics. All of Boston expected to be stumbling.

The fact that the CIA is managing an intelligence community version of Wikipedia is so cool I can barely stand it. Intellipedia leaders Don Burke and Sean Dennehy demo the unclassified version, which began with a page collecting government acronyms. Can we get the top-secret version into the next Bourne movie? Thanks.

Enterprise 2.0 is all about collaboration, and Dennehy uses this to pull off the rare IT conference joke that is actually funny. Describing the in-agency resistance to Intellipedia, he remarks: “In the intelligence community, we still call spies collaborators.”

Actually, this whole thing doesn’t really feel like an IT conference. It feels more like an insular group of startups, marketers, press and general ‘in’ folk. That’s fine. But it speaks to the infancy of the idea of Enterprise 2.0. There are no naysayers here. Everybody’s on board with the idea, and they’re trying to make it work.

You know how else I know this isn’t an IT conference? There are women here. Not as many as there are men, but the scales are certainly tipped a bit more toward equality.

Oh, and I can’t let this one go: All morning we heard about connectivity, collaboration and the cloud. We heard about all the great things businesses can do on the Web. And the Westin hotel’s Wi-Fi was acting up. Hey, I’m all for Enterprise 2.0. But it’s no good to me without an Internet connection.

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