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Privacy concerns come rolling in with Google's new AI-powered messaging app

This week, Google rolled out its new messaging app Allo, which is drawing a lot of attention because of its use of artificial intelligence. In Searchlight, Associate Site Editor Brian Holak talks to analysts to find out the security and privacy issues associated with this chat alternative. Also in Searchlight: Yahoo confirms 2014 data breach had affected half a billion users.

Should Robotic process automation (RPA) be on the CIO’s radar? Senior Executive Editor Linda Tucci talks to IT veteran Allan Surtees to find out how he implemented RPA to speed up ‘swivel chair’ work that was previously being done by the staff at Gazprom Energy. Tucci also talks to analysts to get their take on RPA — the technology that can function as a catalyst for digital transformation, according to analyst Cathy Tornbohm.

Want to know how blockchain works? We’ve got you covered. In this infographic, Content Development Strategist Emily McLaughlin delineates how the technology, which is the foundation for the bitcoin digital currency, works; how to implement blockchain; it’s societal impact; what experts have to say and also provides a quick overview of terms associated with blockchain.

Data breaches are increasingly becoming more sophisticated and more common and the average cost of such a breach has increased by 29% from 2013, according to a 2016 Ponemon Institute study. Features Writer Jason Sparapani writes about a panel discussion on the steps that organizations should take to protect their data from such attacks. The event was sponsored by the Boston chapter of Women in Technology International.

In this SearchCIO handbook, we look into the role that the CIOs can play when it comes to enterprise mobile development application and the strategies and skills required to build such applications.

Over on our SearchCompliance site, I outline the main points from a report by the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology that highlights how such records are sold on the deep Web by the hackers and the impact medical identity theft has on victims.

In this roundup of recent GRC news, read about why Wells Fargo was fined $185 million; Compuware survey finds U.S. businesses with European clients are not ready for the European Union General Data Protection Regulation; hacker group called ‘Fancy Bear’ hacked into Olympians’ medical records and former secretary of state Colin Powell is the latest target of political hacking.