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Old BI battles new and Boston executes IT-focused crisis management plan

There is a war going on in IT between old and new business intelligence — and it’s slated to be a tough matchup. A story getting a lot of attention on SearchCIO this week came out of Dan Sommer’s session at the Gartner BI and Analytics Summit. Scroll through the comments to learn whether readers are choosing old BI or new BI — but not until you’ve formed your own opinion!

In today’s Searchlight column, learn about this year’s IT-heavy crisis management plan at the Boston Marathon. Also read about Microsoft’s forced update, how you can buy a fancy Toshiba Satellite Pro laptop and the first Heartbleed-related arrest.

Also on SearchCIO…

Does cloud spell the end of corporate IT? Not for CIO Don Baker and CTO Michael Beckley. These two corporate executives are exploiting cloud computing for business gains. This feature story by SearchCIO contributor Dina Gerdeman can also be found in our recent cloud computing ezine.

If IT professionals aren’t worried about cloud technologies taking their jobs, maybe self-service BI tools will have them shaking in their boots. In Monday’s Data Mill column, Nicole Laskowski shares why data scientists might be deemed useless by enterprise organizations in the near future.

In small business news, contributor Christine Parizo shares why it’s important to find a website developer that fits your  corporate culture as well as fulfill your organization’s requirements.

On SearchCompliance…

In this video from the RSA 2014 Conference in San Francisco, security architect Robert Shullich sits down with site editor Ben Cole to discuss how many companies don’t understand the scope of their data assets and why this ignorance creates big information security holes.

What info management processes are needed to separate corporate and personal data to avoid privacy issues?  Jeffrey Ritter, Esq., founder of the Ritter Academy, offers his expert opinion on protecting information assets, whether personal or corporate.

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