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Obama's cybersecurity plan draws muted praise; CIOs step up in mobile app delivery

The federal government is stepping in to take on cyberthreats. In President Obama’s new $19 billion national cybersecurity proposal, he aims to significantly beef up cybersecurity, but will it be enough to close the cyberskills gap and incite enterprise-wide change? In this week’s Searchlight, Site Editor Fran Sales outlines the proposed legislation and talks to IT professionals to get their take.

Mobile applications aren’t just made for customers anymore — they’re made for employees too. With the proliferation of these employee-geared mobile apps comes a shift in the enterprise and the role of the CIO. In this feature, SearchCIO contributor Mary K. Pratt discusses how this shift impacts CIOs and highlights the challenges of delivering enterprise mobile apps.

A good CEO-CIO relationship is more than just a best practice — it’s a necessity. And if CIOs want to have a hand in business decisions they have to go beyond standard reporting lines. At the recent SIM Boston Technology Leadership Summit, two successful and dynamic CEO-CIO partnerships were on display. Find out what makes those relationships tick in this installment of Conference Notebook. Then check out this TotalCIO blog post for even more tips on a building a successful CEO-CIO relationship.

Thinking of adding a data virtualization layer to your IT systems? In this video, David Loshin, president of consultancy Knowledge Integrity Inc., details three main questions that need to be considered before you start.

Driverless cars are cool; there is no denying that. But, according to MIT professor John Leonard, driverless cars are not a “solved problem.” Leonard explains why in this blog post by Features Writer Jason Sparapani.

In another blog post, Senior News Writer Nicole Laskowski outlines how one pet insurer became more customer-centric by integrating online and call center data.

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