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News from Gartner Catalyst; Google's Alphabet puts innovation first

Gartner research vice president Paul DeBeasi kicked off its annual Gartner Catalyst conference this week with a subversive idea: that while the technology foundation of “mobile and cloud-first, predictive and self-conductive” remains crucial, organizations are also going to need a personality makeover. From the show in San Diego, new SearchCIO features writer Jason Sparapani outlined the three “personas” today’s IT leaders need to lead in their organizations. Also from Catalyst, senior news writer Nicole Laskowski attended a session on lessons learned from seven big data failures.

In his Searchlight column, assistant site editor Brian Holak delved into the big news that’s been dominating headlines this week: Google’s self-restructuring into a collection of companies, separating its core business from its innovative ventures, which will all live collectively under parent company Alphabet. Learn why this reshuffling is good for the company’s stocks, and how Google’s innovation-first approach could serve as an example to CIOs and IT leaders.

With digital disruptors such as Airbnb and Uber continuously inventing new ways to deliver products and services, traditional businesses can’t afford to stay behind; they need digital leaders to help them tackle these digital threats. In this two-part feature, Laskowski profiled how five IT leaders — in companies as varied as CVS Health, Staples, Houghton Mifflin and more — are turning their companies into industry disruptors.

The threats to information security, as well as the tools and techniques to combat them, are continuously evolving — yet one risk remains constant: human behavior. In his tip, CTO and columnist Niel Nickolaisen runs down three security processes organizations and CIOs can put into action to mitigate human error.

Gone is business process management (BPM) of yore. Before the rise of digital business, BPM focused on back-office operations; now, CIOs need to use BPM to support customer-facing processes. In part one of this webcast, ITIL expert Ken Lewis discusses how the three “value disciplines” that focus on customer engagement relate to BPM and how companies can prioritize the operational efficiency model. In part two, discover the key features of businesses that prioritize product leadership above other value disciplines. And in part three, learn about customer intimacy.

On Compliance…

Technology — from cloud to BYOD to Web apps — continues to evolve, and unfortunately so do the threats. As evidenced by the biggest breaches in recent years, hackers continue to be most drawn to the data that is ballooning because of these technologies. In this tip, cybersecurity expert Jeff Jenkins outlines some IT security best practices for companies to be able to tackle this evolving threat landscape.

Regulation Systems Compliance and Integrity (Regulation SCI) was adopted by the SEC in an attempt to reduce the frequency of disruptions that have recently plagued the IT infrastructure of the securities market. In preparation for the November 2015 compliance date, we’ve created a downloadable infographic timeline of the regulation, including pivotal milestones, key facts, perspectives and more.

On the Total CIO blog…

For my Searchlight column last week, I asked two Windows 10 experts whether they thought the recent uproar over Microsoft’s data collection practices and hard-to-parse privacy policy was justified. Their answer was not quite — but not everyone I talked to felt the same. In this blog post, see why various people — from an information security expert to a filmmaker — felt that the Windows 10 privacy brouhaha was definitely not overblown.

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