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Multichannel engagement a work in progress; how to quantify IT's value

With customers rapidly spreading across multiple communications channels, it’s time for CIOs to catch up. But connecting successfully with customers is no easy task. In our newest SearchCIO feature, hear from top CIOs and experts on how they’re aiming to master multichannel customer engagement.

How do you calculate the value of IT within your organization? It’s a critical part of a CIO’s job, but it can be tricky without the proper approach. In this installment of CIO Voices, two IT leaders share their strategies for quantifying the value of IT.

Think big text and big data are the same? Think again. Unlike big data, big text almost always refers to social media data, and it comes with its own complications. Parse the differences between big data and big text, as well as big text’s present and future applications, in this week’s Data Mill.

The loss of intellectual property, network breaches resulting in customer data leakage, the intrusion of malicious software and viruses on internal networks — with so many dangers lurking, it’s critical that companies conduct a detailed and all-encompassing risk assessment. Expert contributor Bryan Barringer lays out 10 factors to consider when conducting a mobile risk assessment.

Our tweet chatters had a lot to say in the recent #CIOChat! First off: How do you decide whether native or HTML5 apps are right for your organization? In this #CIOChat recap, participants discussed the pros and cons of native vs. HTML5 apps. Then, check out our other chat installments on user-centered design for mobile app development and the present and future of mobile app construction.

Following the recent breach of the White House’s unclassified networks, another federal breach has occurred, this time involving the U.S. Postal Service. Learn about the widespread impact of the breach, plus hear Obama’s take on net neutrality and IBM’s discovery of a 19-year-old Microsoft bug, in this week’s Searchlight.

The chief digital officer role is unnecessary, according to a recent report by Forrester Research. Do you agree? On the TotalCIO blog, read our take on Forrester’s 2015 predictions report, which also looks at the need for a strong CIO-CMO partnership.

SAP ERP implementation can be complicated; once installed, how does a CIO figure out whether that implementation was justified? Veteran CIOs and IT leaders shared their experiences and advice regarding SAP at the recent SIMposium 2014 conference. Also from the conference: Inhi Cho Suh, vice president and general manager of big data, integration and governance at IBM, spoke about knowing your competition and building an “analytics everywhere” culture by thinking like an art curator.

To meet customers on their own terms, companies have to build what Forrester has dubbed “the contextual marketing engine.” See what this means for your company, and learn from McCormick & Co.’s contextual marketing success story.

In the digital age, as compliance regulations and risk management responsibilities grow, so does the weight of responsibility thrust upon the shoulders of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) professionals. Accordingly, GRC professionals are seeking higher compensation and authority level to reflect their vital business role.

Finally, check out the latest IT Compliance Advisor news roundup to read about a new malware that has set its sights on Chinese Apple users, more details on the Home Depot cyberbreach and an unsung security specialist making waves in cybercrime combat.

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