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Mobile technology's promises and hurdles; data governance myths, debunked

The future of mobile personalization was the topic of a panel of mobile app experts at MassTLC’s Mobile Summit last week. Read SearchCIO features writer Kristen Lee’s recap of the session to find out how today’s increasingly targeted apps have gone beyond just recommending where you should call for takeout.

Mobile analytics is one of the hottest IT trends of 2014, and for good reason: the plethora of benefits, from increased productivity to streamlined internal processes, are transforming the business. What exactly is driving this shift to mobile business intelligence? SearchCIO contributor Scott Golden, co-founder and vice president of consultancy Decision First Technologies, offers some ideas.

The San Jose Sharks NHL hockey team and consultancy Superior Group each had its reasons for choosing an enterprise social network (ESN) platform, and they leverage these tools in different ways. In part one of her feature on ESNs, contributor Christine Parizo details how the Sharks selected an ESN tool that integrated with its back-end systems and boosted employee morale. In part two, Parizo recounts how consultancy Superior Group used gamification to drive employee adoption of its ESN platform.

The scenario: You’re a small business owner who’s on the fence about whether to build a mobile app or optimize your existing website for mobile. Where do you begin devising a mobile strategy for your business? On the CIO Symmetry blog, I talk about how thinking like a mobile-savvy consumer (which you probably already are!) puts you in your customer’s mindset. In part two, I detail the pros and cons of going the mobile-app versus mobile-responsive site route, and with the users’ experience in mind.

In other SearchCIO matters…

The U.S. government released a report this week on how hackers are exploiting remote desktops to tap into networks undetected. The report recommends a layered approach to security, and humans — including CIOs — play no small part in that strategy. In Searchlight, find out if corporate politics and CIOs’ self-interest might be to blame for an inadequate security program.

Lee continues her investigation into the economics of cloud on the TotalCIO blog, where she recaps her interview with Health Management Systems’ Cynthia Nustad on how the CIO contracts with cloud providers. Find out Nustad’s criteria when considering vendors, and learn her strategy for avoiding vendor lock-in.

Sometimes, technology alone isn’t enough when handling big data coming in at accelerated rates — particularly when you’re in the business of exploring that data to learn new things. That was the consensus of a panel of medical and pharmaceutical experts at the MIT Chief Data Officer and Information Quality Symposium explained. Read senior news writer Nicole Laskowski’s latest Data Mill to find out how these experts are dealing with big data’s various pain points.

The information that organizations glean from ERP systems is key to managing product planning, interacting with suppliers and customers, and more. Take a look at the free ERP requests for proposals templates and examples we’ve gathered to help you find the right ERP provider.

Sure, services and applications — and their providers — are getting more in line with customers’ needs. But it’s also the day and age when employees’ shadow app use is becoming rampant, and service-level agreements are becoming more complicated. Our recent stories have got you covered; take our quiz on service vendor management to learn more.

And on SearchCompliance…

As data piles up faster and faster, so do the myths surrounding that data’s management and governance. In a Q&A with SearchCompliance site editor Ben Cole, governance expert Jeffrey Ritter demystifies five common myths companies deal with as they tackle information governance. In part two, he debunks persistent misconceptions around data storage costs and information governance training.

In our most recent #GRCchat tweet jam, participants agreed that automating compliance processes can greatly assist with data management, and cut down on costs and redundant resources. However, they also warn that automation tools still have a potential for error. Check out this recap to find out what participants suggested to overcome these drawbacks.

And that wraps up our week’s news! Catch us again for next week’s Symmetry roundup, and stay updated on our stories during the week by following @SearchCIO, @SearchCIOSMB and @ITCompliance.

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