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Mindful awareness key to employee well-being -- and competitive advantage

Digital overload and extreme multitasking are doing a number on employee engagement and efficiency — and the U.S. economy, SearchCIO senior news writer Nicole Laskowski reports. A few employees at Intel decided to take an unexpected tack to tackle this problem: mindfulness. In this two-part feature, find out how mindful awareness, not multitasking, could lead to competitive advantage.

What do the groundbreaking Apple-IBM deal and Microsoft’s massive job cuts have in common? Well, we could be witnessing the beginnings of big-tech enlightenment, as I cover in this week’s Searchlight. And it might do CIOs good to take a page from these big names’ playbooks and stir up their business processes.

For many new businesses, it isn’t just a matter of having a brilliant idea and the guts to put it into action; they face heaps of obstacles that range from searching for office space to looking for willing investors. Fortunately, PayPal’s here to help. From the Small Companies with Big Partners event that was held at its Boston headquarters this week, features writer Kristen Lee reports how PayPal’s Start Tank program goes beyond monetary support.

Hybrid cloud computing offers many perks, including lower costs, agility and faster IT service delivery. But it also comes with many challenges. In this two-part feature, contributor Dina Gerdeman covers how CIOs should handle being an IT services broker in a hybrid environment and what early adopters of hybrid computing advise their fellow CIOs in order to reap its benefits and avoid its pitfalls.

Elsewhere on SearchCIO…

What’s the next big thing after MapReduce? That was the looming question at a panel hosted by The Hive, a San Francisco meetup for big data startups. Considering its known imperfections and the takeover of the Internet of Things, the answer could lie in its — and other paradigms’ — evolution, Laskowski reports in Data Mill.

Continuing SearchCIO’s video coverage of the MIT CIO Sloan symposium, Laskowski chatted with Daimler Trucks CIO and Leadership Award finalist Dieter Haban about the power of sensor data. Check out this video for an inside look at how Daimler’s truck sensors link to its Internet of Things, and how that’s transformed Daimler’s business.

And in another interview, Laskowski sat down with Dell CIO and fellow award finalist Andi Karaboutis to discuss how she’s “stopped asking people what they want,” citing Steve Jobs’ quote that once a product is built, customers will want something new. Watch this video excerpt to find how she and her team “surprise and delight” both the business and customers.

Over at SearchCompliance…

Increasing digitization of records and global operations means that businesses need to turn to new technologies to help with their associated data management processes, which is easier said than done, particularly in terms of meeting compliance requirements. SearchCompliance contributor Jeffrey Ritter offers four tips to help ensure that tech investments can pass muster.

SearchCompliance has another #GRCchat tweet jam lined up, this time on the topic of compliance automation! Join editors and experts on Thursday, July 24, at 12 p.m. EDT, to discuss how, in the face of regulatory compliance challenges, companies can benefit from automating compliance management processes, as well as what impact that might have on GRC jobs.

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