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Midmarket CIOs' new lucrative career path; 10 analytics success stories

If you’ve got the right stuff, you could go from CIO to mogul, according to headhunter Shawn Banerji. Banjeri talks to Executive Editor Linda Tucci about a lucrative new career path for midmarket CIOs attained through private equity deals.

At this year’s Gartner Business Intelligence and Analytics Summit, analyst Doug Laney presented a list of 10 recent analytics success stories from the likes of Burberry, Coca-Cola and L’Oreal. Read the full list in the latest Data Mill column.

How far can Microsoft take its mobile initiatives? At Microsoft Build 2015, the software giant said it wants to have Windows 10 on 1 billion devices in the next two to three years. But that’s not all it has in mind for the future–in this week’s Searchlight, Site Editor Fran Sales gives highlights from the event and details Microsoft’s plans for universal apps, holographic technology.

Looking to read up on data ownership? Look no further. SearchCIO expert Harvey Koeppel discusses how digital business has made data ownership a CIO priority and offers eight ways to keep pace with the data ownership. Meanwhile, SearchCIO expert Niel Nickolaisen provides a data ownership manifesto for modern times.

If you’re looking to build a startup team, it’s not just skills that matter — it’s also personality. SearchCIO expert Bryan Barringer discusses the importance of finding the right personality mix in a startup team.

IT transformation leader Derek Lonsdale recently gave a webcast presentation on shadow IT (aka renegade IT) that can be seen in five parts on SearchCIO. In part one, Lonsdale gives four tips to reduce the use of shadow IT and minimize its impact. In part two, he discusses how to fix broken IT service management processes. In part three, he details the importance of thinking in terms of business outcomes rather than technology. Parts four and five of this webcast series are coming soon.

Is the chief digital officer’s star being eclipsed by the chief data officer’s? On the TotalCIO blog, Senior News Writer Nicole Laskowski discusses the less-acknowledged demand for chief digital officers. Also on TotalCIO, Laskowski further explores the chief data officer’s place in IT and analyzes Gartner’s statements that the chief data officer is an IT ally, not an antagonist.

On the CIO Symmetry blog, Sales examines the correlation between how much small and medium-sized businesses use mobile applications for work and how that impacts their productivity or business growth.

Over on SearchCompliance, GRC Expert Jeffery Ritter gives tips for modern companies on reexamining data governance and classification in the digital age. Plus, SearchCompliance contributor Caron Carlson details lessons learned from Bio-Rad’s FCPA compliance snafu. In addition, the latest SearchCompliance handbook on the best records management strategies is up on the site.

Finally, will cybersecurity legislation’s data-sharing measures hurt privacy? Join SearchCompliance’s #GRCChat Thursday, May 7, at 12 p.m. to discuss the proposed U.S. cybersecurity legislation and its effect on IT and the business. See you there!

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