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Midmarket CIOs drive innovation through excellent leadership

There have been a lot of exciting things afoot at recently. We’re dedicated to engaging midmarket CIOs on a one-on-one level, and finding out what amazing things you’re doing to innovate and drive your companies through excellent leadership in IT.

This month, Features Writer Karen Goulart and I traveled to Madison, Wis., to sit down and interview several CIOs during the annual Fusion CEO-CIO conference. You’ll meet William Caraher, CIO at the von Briesen & Roper law firm, who is doing exciting things with open source intranet systems. We’ll also talk to Igor Steinberg, CIO at Madison Area Technical College, and Phil Shelley, CIO at Sears Holdings, about what big data and Hadoop mean for midmarket CIOs.  And that’s just a taste of the excellent leadership videos and stories in the coming weeks.

We’ve also been working since November on the 2012 IT Leadership Awards. You might remember seeing a call for nominations last year. Since then, we’ve vetted and reviewed almost 500 nominations from IT professionals around the globe. We also gave those nominees an opportunity to review, refine and add to their nominations. Back in January, our distinguished panel of CIOs and former CIOs began the painstaking process of scoring and ranking those nominations based on five areas of IT leadership — cultural innovation, green IT, technological advancement, business harmonization and customer experience — as well as searching for those qualities of leadership that make for one exemplary IT leader who will be named IT Leader of the Year.

After calculating the judges’ scores, we are happy to name 16 finalists for the IT Leadership awards. Over the coming weeks, you’ll get to know the finalists and read about their excellent IT leadership in action. There are many fine examples to inspire you, from Kevin Soohoo’s theory that “every little bit helps” when it comes to green computing, to Nicole Bradberry’s dedication to improving patient satisfaction through IT. And any CIO who has ever inherited a legacy nightmare will be able to relate to Jamie Gianna’s stalled electronic health records project. You’ll get to peek into Clay Stidham’s success with BYOD adoption. You’ll also meet Mauricio Vicente, who spearheaded a Video Remote Interpreting platform to assist with foreign language and American Sign Language interpretation. This project has earned him a spot as a finalist in not one, not two, but four of our six awards.

It’s an exciting time to be a leader in midmarket companies, no doubt about that. We now live in the future, as many CIOs at Fusion CEO-CIO said. I’m absolutely inspired by these examples of excellent leadership, and I’m confident you will find a few ideas to adopt in your own CIO career.

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