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Measure your data assets' value; the net neutrality debate rages on

How valuable is your data? If you’re a CIO or chief financial officer and manage data every day, you’d probably say very  — which begs the next question: Exactly how much value does your data have? Infonomics, or the economics of data information, could help you answer that question. SearchCIO Senior News Writer Nicole Laskowski details how data can boost your market value. In part two of her feature, Gartner analyst Doug Laney lists six ways CIOs can measure the value of their data assets.

To that end, what should you do with all your open data? In this week’s Data Mill, Laskowski has the answers, culled from Laney’s presentation at the recent Gartner Business Intelligence and Analytics Summit. Laney lays out a number of use cases that have leveraged open data to create benchmarks, develop predictive indicators, generate ideas and more. Laskowski also recently shared analyst Don Sommer’s “tipping points” that will shake the BI and analytics market — and readers had a lot to say about it. In the latest CIO Chatter, we dug into the reader buzz on the battle between old and new BI vendors.

In this consumer age, perhaps it’s no surprise that data discovery is shifting into the hands of customers. Laskowski blogged from TechCrunch’s Disrupt New York conference, where she explored the potentially disruptive “discovery retail” business of Birchbox and how its consumers are taking advantage of the company’s data-driven business model.

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Get ’em while they’re hot off the e-presses! May’s CIO Decisions e-zine focuses on the latest in innovative and disruptive technologies: Find out how the mobility age should skew CIOs’ mobile strategies toward the customer, how the connected car is reshaping business for better or worse, and more. Then, download a copy of SearchCIO’s latest handbook on cybersecurity strategy, where, in light of the changing face of cyberthreats, we offer advice on how to use a strong cybersecurity program as a competitive differentiator.

This week’s Searchlight column addresses the public uproar this week over the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman’s proposed net neutrality rules. Chairman Tom Wheeler’s proposal — a set of Open Internet rules that might allow companies to pay for high-speed access to their content — has drawn opposition from various individuals, companies and interest groups, among them Amazon, Facebook and Google. Plus, read about the sign-off of Target’s CEO, leaked info on Amazon’s 3-D smartphone and more in this piece by Associate Editor Emily McLaughlin.

SearchCIO’s Essential Guide on enterprise IT sourcing strategy, the latest installment in our CIO Briefings series, targets IT sourcing from all angles, including business process outsourcing, video advice from experts, the use of cloud services, the fine print behind an IT sourcing strategy and more.

One of the leading questions in last week’s #CIOChat on prescriptive analytics concerned whether this brand of business analytics can be applied to all industries. Centerstone Research Institute CEO Tom Doub, our tweet jam expert, as well as other practiced participants, agreed: While it’s good to take precautions (Target’s diaper analytics snafu comes to mind), the pros of prescriptive analytics can outweigh any of its potential restrictions. We also discussed how using the right data mining algorithms can spell out competitive advantage.

Finally, in CIO Citings, Managing Editor Rachel Lebeaux tackles the question: Can prescriptive analytics — the brand of BI that predicts the best course of action using existing data — really work for your industry? Luckily, this collection of quotes from experts who use prescriptive analytics across a broad range of industries — including a media company and a nonprofit institute targeting healthcare — should set your minds at ease.

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It’s no surprise information managers are constantly besot with requests to enable more and more workers’ personal devices. Doing so, however, exposes companies to significant risk and regulatory complications — which is where a strong information governance and mobile strategy comes into play. In this SearchCompliance tip, expert Jeffrey Ritter details the policies and procedures enterprises should have in place to avoid bring-your-own-device snags.

Another issue with which organizations must contend in today’s ever-changing security landscape: the sheer number of regulatory mandates to which they must adhere. In this SearchCompliance video, Site Editor Ben Cole speaks with Brian O’Hara, chief information security officer at security consulting firm Mako Group, about the steps businesses must take to adapt in this landscape and how to dovetail governance, risk and compliance (GRC) processes with their overarching business strategy.

Harken, tweet jammers! Former FCC CIO Robert Naylor will be our guest expert in SearchCompliance’s upcoming #GRCchat, hosted by @ITCompliance. On Thursday, March 15, at 12 p.m. EDT, join us as we chat about the timely topic of mitigating the business impacts of information security breaches.

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