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IoT initiatives 101; what HP's job cuts mean for the enterprise

Thinking about starting an IoT initiative at your organization? Before you do, there are some things you should know. In this feature by senior news writer Nicole Laskowski, read up on IoT basics and get expert advice from CIOs on how to proceed with your IoT strategy.

HP just cut 30,000 jobs in preparation for the upcoming launch of its newly separate enterprise services business. What do the cuts mean for the tech giant and can HP Enterprise meet the needs of CIOs? In this week’s Searchlight, site editor Fran Sales explores these questions and talks to expert CIOs to get their take. Also in Searchlight: Salesforce’s “Internet of Things Cloud” service and GE’s plan to aggregate its software, IT and industrial security capabilities into one digital unit.

Don’t fear cloud services management. In this two-part story, Gartner analyst Mindy Cancila breaks down do’s and don’ts when managing the cloud. In part one, she details the importance of monitoring the cost of cloud-based services in avoiding unnecessary surprises. In part two, she explores ways CIOs can evolve traditional management procedures to fit their cloud needs.

Business differentiation is more important to big data frameworks than you think. Laskowski explains why you should be focusing departmental efforts on what differentiates the business and rely on vendor partners to do the rest.

The age of traditional, all-knowing management approaches is coming to an end, according to SearchCIO expert Joseph Flahiff. Instead, managers’ new role involves “supportive leadership” to allow the whole team to flourish in today’s work environment.

Computers and devices are increasingly becoming key witnesses in court cases, which means information governance processes need to be kept in check to produce reliable digital evidence. SearchCompliance expert Jeffrey Ritter shares advice on how to ensure the computer is a dependable witness by developing a solid governance strategy.

On the TotalCIO blog, Laskowski runs through five steps to get your enterprise IoT initiative started. Plus, over on the IT Compliance Advisor blog, site editor Fran Sales runs down the latest GRC news, including the court ruling that Dodd-Frank protects internal whistleblowers and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s plan to control high-frequency trading risks.

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