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IoT can't go on without proper security; innovation tips from Dow Jones

It seems like there’s no stopping the proliferation of connected devices, but there’s one thing that just might. If companies aren’t putting security first in the creation of these interconnected devices, IoT will crash and burn, according to a panel of experts at the recent RSA Conference 2016. In this week’s Searchlight, Site Editor Fran Sales explores IoT security best practices from the panel, including why it’s so important to incorporate security features early in the IoT development process. The Apple-FBI case was also a hot topic at RSA. In this blog post, Sales details why experts at the conference think Apple ‘goofed’ in its encryption fight with the FBI.

How does your team handle innovation projects? In part two of this Q&A (read part one here), Dow Jones’ chief innovation officer, Edward Roussel, discusses his team’s idea solicitation process and how they work closely with IT to further innovation at the company.

University IT departments have to do more today than ever before. In this feature, Features Writer Jason Sparapani details their challenge of maintaining a culture of accessibility while protecting their schools from ever-increasing data threats. In two blog posts, Sparapani also discusses why it’s a great time to be a university CIO and how students’ increasing tech savvy prove a challenge for college IT teams.

The next big thing in tech might come in a small package. In this two-part story, learn about graphene sheets, atom-thick lattices of carbon that could allow solar power, computing and IoT to reach their full potential. In part one, learn about the origins and capabilities of this breakthrough energy-storing material. In part two, go deeper into the material’s IoT and computing applications and find out why it could be woven into all future computing.

Is your company considering investing in 3D printing? There could be many potential benefits to doing so, but there are also a lot of concerns that would need to be addressed. Senior News Writer Nicole Laskowski discusses the challenges CIOs and IT organizations will face with 3D printing technology, including counterfeits, massive data sets and continuous delivery.

Mobile apps are changing the way consumers and the enterprise get things done. In the latest issue of CIO Decisions, discover why a close IT-business relationship on mobile app development will soon become more commonplace as the need for apps increases.

Over on the blogs, Laskowski explores how the project management office could benefit from Agile and goes into the four facets of an Agile PMO. Plus, Executive Editor Linda Tucci talks about how consumer privacy rights have incited a new age of web content management. Tucci also breaks down the ITO/BPO 2016 outlook from global law firm Mayer Brown. Finally, Associate Site Editor Brian Holak finds out what our readers think about the lack of tech diversity and how we can address it.

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