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Intel diversity report shows progress; how to bolster security in the cloud age

Intel’s annual diversity report was released this week, shows that it’s made some headway into increasing its workforce diversity: 43.1% of new hires last year were women or minorities, and there were 14.3% more women in leadership roles. But there’s still more progress to be made, as Associate Site Editor Brian Holak discusses in Searchlight. See if the report will help nudge the industry to make more changes.

Giving advice for how to shore up IT security in the age of cloud computing isn’t exactly easy said Brian Lillie, CIO at data center builder Equinix. For starters, every company is different, he told Features Writer Jason Sparapani. Head to the Total CIO blog to get Lillie’s three guidelines for buttressing your cloud cyberdefense, and then read about why he believes building a security culture is vital to information security.

The new, revamped issue of CIO Decisions ezine is out! Read about when building an internal private cloud pays off – and when it’s more practical to pursue other cloud computing options such as hybrid IT or public cloud. Plus check out an exclusive interview with Alec Ross, Hillary Clinton’s former innovation adviser, and more.

Onto compliance matters…

The number of connected devices will reach 6.4 billion this year. This number is only going to grow exponentially – along with the number of IoT security risks. In this feature, writer Mary K. Pratt lays out the IoT security challenges company executives should keep in mind, and how data analytics can help address them.

When it comes to insider threats, people frequently think of malicious employees, but negligence and accidents also play a part. In this Q&A, Information Security Forum managing director Steve Durbin explains how these factors contribute to a growing number of security incidents and shares best practices to minimize them.

And in the latest IT Compliance Advisor news roundup, the SEC announced that global banks Barclays and Credit Suisse settled “dark pool” trading charges for a record $154.3 million; plus, other GRC news.

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