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Intel CIO hire puts spotlight on IT gender gap

This week, Intel’s executive IT ranks saw a shift from one woman CIO to another. But that doesn’t mean the gender gap has closed — far from it, in fact. In this week’s Searchlight, Executive Editor Linda Tucci discusses the appointment of Paula Tolliver as Intel’s CIO and what it says about gender politics in the tech industry.

Do you want unlimited vacation time? Your best bet is a startup, but the flextime perk may be coming to a big company near you soon. In this article, SearchCIO Contributor Mary K. Pratt explores how some companies are turning to unlimited vacation time to attract and hold onto talent. Will it work?

Companies’ regulatory management isn’t just an IT concern; it has also become a business concern. For that reason, it’s no longer in the best interest of the company for tech teams to operate independently, according to SearchCompliance Expert Kevin McDonald. Here, he explains why IT and compliance process alignment is increasingly becoming a business priority — and what that means for IT teams.

Are you familiar with SLO and SLA? The two terms are often confused, but in this expert tip you’ll learn the key differences.

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Consumer understanding is lacking. The growth in cloud services will be slow and mainly in applications that are not touted as cloud related. The concept is not new - just the terminology. End users are mostly interested in the function, not the mechanism. (witness the success of Apple's marketing of mediocre technology)
2015 - Across multiple companies (Google, Apple, Dropbox), less than 1% of consumers (not companies) pay subscription for storage.

According to our studies:
Main reason - COST.
Google Drive - 1TB/Year/User = $120
WD My Passport - 2 TB/3 years(HHD conservative life expectancy)/multiple users = $90
Secondary reason - RELIABILITY
e.g. Google Drive was down today for 3 hours.
PRIVACY comes in last place.