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Informatica goes private; reasons to craft a bimodal IT strategy

It was announced this week that software company Informatica Corp. is going private. Is this a good move? Laskowski details the potential benefits and drawbacks of the decision, and what it could mean for CIOs.

Russian hackers may have used spear phishing to hack the White House yet again. In this week’s Searchlight, Site Editor Fran Sales breaks down the hack, our “clicking” problem and some approaches to social engineering threats.

Can CIOs have their cake and eat it too with bimodal IT? In her coverage of the Gartner Business Intelligence and Analytics Summit, Senior News Writer Nicole Laskowski explores Gartner analysts’ take on crafting a more nuanced IT strategy that focuses on both standardization and keeping the lights on.

Also from the Gartner summit: Renowned director and keynote speaker Francis Ford Coppola talked about the importance of gut instinct in a data-driven environment, relating his film creation process to the world of IT. Plus, MGM Resorts revealed their best practices for serving the digital customer.

Speaking of the digital customer, the need for businesses to digitize their processes to adapt to increasing IT consumerization has never been more urgent. Can BPM help with that? Executive Editor Linda Tucci talks to experts to get their take on leveraging BPM to help make the transition to a digital business.

In the latest issue CIO Decisions, learn about how the marriage of mobile and big data is evolving in today’s mobile culture, and discover what tools and applications are necessary to keep pace with this evolution. Plus, hear more about the mobile-data relationship in Tucci’s editor’s note.

Over on the IT Compliance Advisor blog, Sales runs down the latest GRC-related news, starting with new U.S. sanctions that take aim at foreign cyberattackers and Facebook’s mounting privacy battle with the European Union.

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