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Info on the new iPhone 5 release and Silicon Valley salaries

Whatever happened to the lazy days of summer? Things are smoking around the blogosphere, thanks to the impending new iPhone 5 release, the U.S. debt ceiling compromise and the general malaise of the U.S. economy. We’ve scoured the headlines and are giving you an executive summary of what happened last week in 60 seconds or less:

• Did you ever wonder what your life would be like if you moved to the IT version of the Emerald City? Check out this infographic from Focus for the brutal truth on salaries versus cost of living in the Silicon Valley.

• We’ve wondered aloud why there aren’t more women in IT, but the tide may be turning, thanks in part to the social network revolution and the urgings of Google Vice President Marissa Mayer.

• While the news of the U.S. debt ceiling was everywhere last week, President Obama urged Twitter users to tweet to members of Congress to urge them for a bipartisan compromise. White House communications director Dan Pfeiffer confirmed that emails and Tweets did indeed influence the course of this weekend’s events.

• Is the government tracking our physical location via our Androids and iPhones? The possibility was discussed at a confirmation hearing in the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence last Tuesday.  Forget RFID-proof wallets, it might be time for aluminum foil pants to be back in style.

• Hope you wrote that new iPhone 5 release date on your calendar in pencil rather than ink, as sources say that you’ll have to wait until October for the new iPhone 5 release rather than September, as was first rumored.

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