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In digital transformation, customer engagement and teamwork are key

The MIT Sloan CIO Symposium, which focused on how CIOs can use digital technology to help transform their enterprises, dominated conversations across media platforms this week. On SearchCIO, read the five takeaways Senior News Writer Nicole Laskowski gleaned from the show that can help CIOs and other senior execs head up the digital journey, including broader IT-business alignment, creative new channels of customer engagement and more.

On the TotalCIO blog, meet SearchCIO’s brand-new features writer, Kristen Lee! In her take on MIT, Lee concentrates on two themes: One, CIOs need to draw from their peers’ strengths and ideas to bolster their own IT strategies; two, they need to integrate machine smarts into that collective intelligence. She dedicates another blog post to the Internet of Things and the challenges it brings up for CIOs around business process integration, common architecture, security and more.

In the latest Searchlight, Associate Editor Emily McLaughlin gives a rundown of MIT’s lively “CIO, CDO, CMO Perspectives on Digital Transformation” session, where the focus was not on which C-level exec should take the digital helm, but rather on best practices for how each can facilitate a digital transformation across the business. And on TotalCIO, Associate Editor Fran Sales digs into each nugget of advice from the panel, including partnering across functions, measuring customer engagement and more.

Also on Searchlight: other tech headlines from the week, including eBay’s data breach, Martha Stewart’s drone and a calf fitted with (spotted!) high-tech prosthetics.

Elsewhere on SearchCIO…

In his latest column, CTO Niel Nickolaisen tackles today’s digital reality from another angle: looking at the business perks and downsides of our consumer’s digital footprints. On one side of the coin, the rich information from these footprints provides microtargeting fodder for company’s marketing campaigns; on the other is the oft-mentioned issue of privacy.

It doesn’t just take CIOs and IT execs to extract value from big data. A key message at the recent CFO Technology Conference was that CFOs need to get in on the conversation as well. In her latest Data Mill, Laskowski explains that financial execs need to look at how big data funds are distributed, which will help organizations boost IT productivity and effectively extract insight from that data. Plus, she discusses how businesses should leverage online platforms (not ads) to refresh their content marketing campaigns.

Delivering virtual desktop infrastructure has more than nifty technological aspects to offer — it also has the potential to deliver huge business value. In our latest Ask the Expert, CTO Brad Maltz explains why, in today’s consumer-driven IT market, using VDI to deliver on user experience translates into ROI for the business.

Southwest Airlines, Pixar and PayPal may serve different industries, but they’ve got one thing in common, according to expert contributor Joseph Flahiff: They’re agile. In other words, they’re flexible enough to adapt to customer needs or industry changes such as mobile. Read Flahiff’s tip on the four aspects of agility to learn how to make your business nimble.

The demands of increasing data and technology innovations has CIO expert Harvey Koeppel waxing urgent about the value of modernizing business processes, particularly in the realm of IT service management (ITSM). In our latest CIO Matters column, read Koeppel’s take on how customer expectations, the cost of service delivery and newer skill sets factor into the necessity of constantly evolving your ITSM practices.

Now, we want your take: How do you think CIOs must adapt their current ITSM processes to today’s reality of mobile, cloud and anytime-anywhere computing — not to mention the ever-present IT skills gap? Join us and our tweet jam expert, Jerry Luftman, founder of the Global Institute for IT Management, for our next #CIOChat Wednesday, May 28, at 3 p.m. EDT and share your thoughts on how IT leaders must transform their ITSM processes.

In SearchCompliance matters…

Since the 2008 financial crisis, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has been emphasizing the role that corporate culture plays in its investigations. On our IT Compliance Advisor blog, Site Editor Ben Cole describes why, given the SEC’s emphasis on transparency and a willingness to cooperate, it’s important to build your culture around business ethics rather than financial gain.

For this month’s #GRCchat, we recruited former Federal Communications Commission CIO Robert Naylor as our tweet jam expert on the topic of minimizing data breaches’ impact on businesses. Check out our latest recap to get Naylor’s and other tweet jammers’ two cents on balancing network monitoring with budget restrictions, as well as using risk assessments to prioritize areas that need protection.

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