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IT salary survey reveals top paychecks; Gartner's top 10 technologies

CIOs, CISOs and directors of business apps brought home big paychecks in 2014. If you’re curious about how other tech positions’ salaries compared, which IT professionals plan to jump ship and where 2015 information technology salary expectations stand, take a look at our overview of TechTarget’s 2014 IT Salary Survey, and prepare for more coverage in the coming weeks.

The future of computing isn’t stationary — it’s mobile, portable and adaptable. The notion of anytime, anywhere, any device is becoming the new norm in the IT world. In Gartner’s list of the top 10 strategic trends and technologies for 2015, this everywhere-computing concept surfaces as a principal theme. Whether it’s the cloud, mobile development, security or analytics, it’s clear that technology — and strategy — are rapidly changing. Read Gartner’s complete list in this week’s Data Mill.

Whether it’s lost or stolen data, a natural disaster or an act of terrorism, disaster can strike at any moment. Who is really responsible for crisis recovery efforts? What steps should you take to keep your information — and your employees — safe? Find out by reading our latest Modern Infrastructure: CIO Edition ezine on disaster recovery and response.

Smart robots, artificial intelligence, human-machine collaboration — terms that seem straight from an Isaac Asimov novel. But this isn’t science fiction — it’s more like science future, or even science now. In a two-part feature, Senior News Writer Nicole Laskowski reports on recent experiments with artificial intelligence in the ER, discusses smart robots in the workplace and considers the implications of human-machine collaboration on the IT environment. Then check out Laskowski’s blog post on machine learning and nurses.

The future of big data is still undetermined, but that hasn’t stopped prognosticators from predicting the innovations to come. In this #CIOChat recap, read how big data architecture could evolve and how CIO’s can leverage service providers to meet their IT needs.

And another month, another Apple product launch. This time around, Apple unveiled its newest batch of iPad Air tablets, along with Apple Pay’s official launch date, the WatchKit for developers and rollouts of OS X Yosemite and iOS 8.1. But what do these new Apple products mean for CIO’s? Find out in this week’s Searchlight, plus more technology news.

Consumer-centric technology such as mobile devices and cloud-based software as a service applications means a bigger data footprint at a faster rate than ever before. This represents a shift in how information must be managed and technology deployed. On SearchCompliance, learn the information governance implications of this shift and pick up mitigation strategies for you company.

Security threats are all around us, but that doesn’t mean you have to let them back you into a corner. Security professionals who take an expanded, proactive role in data protection are better equipped to handle today’s threats. In this Q&A, ISSA International Chairman Stefano Zanero discusses the changing threat landscape, the importance of collaboration in effective cybersecurity and what attendees can expect at this year’s ISSA International Conference.

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