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IT job opportunities in 2010 include BPM

I recently spoke with a number of midmarket IT managers and executives about moving on from 2009 and moving into 2010. One topic that came up quite a bit during these conversations was where IT job opportunities and careers were headed. Almost everyone agreed that broad-skilled generalists would thrive in the midmarket because they could tackle more than one job — cutting labor expenses and onboarding costs. Specialists, they said, would struggle.

And while that makes sense, this month’s Dice Report highlights a very specific (but growing in demand) skill set.

According to the report, the number of IT job opportunities for individuals experienced in working with software from Pegasystems, a BPM solutions provider, has expanded. With consistent growth even through the recession, job postings for Pegasystems-related positions are up 10% year over year — including roles for software developers, systems architects and business analysts.

What’s behind the increase in BPM jobs? Many organizations have implemented BPM software to tackle inefficiency and inconsistency — and were successful. Now, an organization can bring its BPM strategy into other areas, such as IT compliance, workforce optimization and future growth.

While some specialist jobs may be on the way out in the interest of saving money, those experienced in business process management software and strategies may find their way in for the same reason.

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