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IT executive pay jumps; security and cloud top the IT priority ladder

The results are in: 2014 was a good year for IT executive pay, according to the TechTarget 2014 IT Salary Survey. SearchCIO Executive editor Linda Tucci talked to IT professionals who said the upward trend is a necessary payback after weak compensation prior to 2013, and companies can no longer ignore the increasingly important role IT executives play in business success. Also check out Tucci’s additional coverage of the salary survey, in which she discusses job satisfaction, bonuses and the factors that influence IT compensation.

Speaking of the recent salary survey, the IT executives we polled largely agreed that security and cloud are their top priorities of 2015. But the pace of adoption is different for everybody, as evidenced by the interviews Feature Writer Kristen Lee conducted with some of the CIO respondents.

And following the most recent slew of cyberhacks, it’s no surprise that security ranked as one of the top priorities for 2015 in the salary survey. But it may surprise some that mobile technology — which ranked second in last year’s survey — is considered less of a priority this year. Check out the full list of priorities, plus other insights into 2015 project areas.

Hadoop, the open-source software framework, has become such an integrated part of IT systems that the technology has started to fade into the background, Senior News Writer Nicole Laskowski reports in this week’s Data Mill. The focus has instead shifted to the success stories data enables, rather than the technology itself.

With sophisticated cybercrime now so widespread, it’s increasingly common for organizations to be unaware that their networks are being attacked — that is, until the government comes knocking. In this week’s Searchlight, Associate Site Editor Fran Sales discusses federal intervention in cybercrimes and when to ask for help.

Business transformation is a common enterprise goal, but how do you actually make it happen within your company? Hear how one CIO led a business transformation, converting his company from a fragmented mess into a unified entity. He shares his five principles of business transformation, followed by the primary tactical changes he made to successfully turn a PowerPoint presentation into a bona fide IT and business strategy.

Compliance mandates established by the 2002 Sarbanes-Oxley Act, or SOX, are not new, but many organizations still grapple with the myriad effects of SOX on corporate governance and IT operations. In the latest SearchCompliance handbook, we explore the data management implications of SOX, how public organizations can comply and thrive, best practices for integrating IT strategy with governance, and more.

According to independent enterprise mobility consultant Bryan Barringer, “The first step toward securing funding and giving a successful investor pitch is to accept that no one understands or knows your business idea better than you do.” But communicating your idea and passion effectively isn’t always easy. Luckily, Barringer is here to divulge how to ace an investor pitch.

It’s almost time for the next #CIOChat! Join SearchCIO editors, fellow tweeters and guest expert Barringer Wednesday, Oct. 29, at 3 p.m. EDT to talk enterprise mobile application development. We’ll be discussing app dev methodologies that work, the importance of the user experience and more. See you there!

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