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IBM takes on quantum computing; how CIOs can hone customer-centric design

IBM is seeking to speed innovation and discover new use cases for quantum computing. In an effort to do so, it created Quantum Experience, cloud-enabled quantum computing platform that anyone on any desktop or mobile device can access for free. The platform is the first of its kind, but is it really groundbreaking. On Searchlight, Associate Site Editor Brian Holak spoke with analysts and researchers to see what potential impact IBM Quantum Experience could have on the enterprise.

Standardization is an important ingredient to delivering great customer service, saving on costs and improving consistency and efficiency. But while standardizing processes can give companies an edge, too much of it can hurt companies and IT departments by taking away personalized service. To find the balance between standardization and personalization, Gartner analyst Bruce Robertson advises CIOs to use techniques such as customer journey mapping and design thinking, as well as tools such as the net promoter score (NPS), a metric that gauges customer experience and brand loyalty.

A mobile strategy is also a necessity for companies to remain competitive, as both customers and employees have made mobile devices their primary computing and engagement platform. IT departments and CIOs play a key role in developing and implementing this digital strategy, but because of a plethora of technical and cultural challenges, enterprises have been slow to deploy mobile apps. Kurt Marko, a technology analyst at MarkoInsights, says that mobile backend as a service (MBaaS), a cloud-based app design model, can help CIOs take the hybrid approach of connecting on-premises applications and data.

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