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Graph analytics' renewed life; get friendly with CFOs to get ahead

Graph analytics is not new, but it’s taken on a new life in the enterprise—partly due to better, faster and cheaper technology. Senior News Writer Nicole Laskowski explores the trend and lays out how Goldman Sachs is using a homegrown graph analytics platform for compliance, surveillance and fraud detection.

Want to get ahead? Partnering with your CFO might be the perfect next step. Following Google’s announcement that Wall Street bigwig Ruth Porat will be their new CFO, Site Editor Fran Sales discusses the growing CFO role in making technology investments and the benefits of a strong CIO-CFO relationship.

Post-Millennials—referred to as Gen Z—are set to shake up workplace culture. In a recent video interview, Tom Koulopoulos, co-author of The Gen Z Effect, spoke to SearchCIO about Gen Z-ers now entering the workplace in force and how CIOs can take advantage of that.

Business process management (BPM) systems can be great for your company—except when they’re being used to cover up bad workflow processes. SearchCIO expert Niel Nickolaisen talks about the appropriate use of BPM systems, and how using it as a replacement for process and system simplification can negatively affect your company.

Speaking of BPM, how has digitization affected traditional business process management? SearchCIO expert Harvey Koeppel argues that the BPM lifecycle hasn’t changed as much as you’d think.

Is your business set up to fail? If the leaders of a startup don’t share a common vision, the answer may be “yes.” Take this leadership survey, created by SearchCIO expert Bryan Barringer, to find out if your company is in trouble and what you can do to stop impending disaster.

Should you upgrade to the 802.11ac standard? SearchCIO expert Matthew Craig gives tips on conducting a formal evaluation and talking to network vendors about whether your core equipment can support it.

According to Forrester, CIOs will be the ones running the Internet of Things (IoT). But are they ready? Features Writer Kristen Lee outlines five IoT challenges and five steps that can help CIOs handle them.

Over on the IT Compliance Advisor blog, Sales runs down the latest security and compliance headlines—including the FBI’s quest to expand its hacking authority, the Pentagon’s new program to protect personal data, and a new report that finds most companies fail PCI compliance tests.

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