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GARP Assessment takes records management to the next step

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Here at the ARMA International 56th Annual Conference and Expo, records information managers cringe a little when their Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles (GARP) get mentioned with the words “The World According to…” in the same sentence.

The reference to John Irving’s masterpiece novel is a bit tired, true, but more and more, GARP’s tenets are really becoming a worldwide practice.

GARP is practiced in about 15% of companies, according to Gartner vice president and distinguished analyst Debra Logan, who spoke here on GARP this week. That’s small compared with GARP’s cousin, GAAP — the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles — upon which GARP is based, according to Diane Carlisle, deputy executive director and senior director of content development at ARMA International. But GARP use is growing.

This week ARMA took GARP a step further by announcing the GARP Assessment, a set of tools that will enable companies to measure themselves against GARP. It should go a long way to spread GARP around the world, just in time for the onslaught of data that companies are now dealing with.

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