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Employee retention troubles? Try IT e-learning courses

Signs are that the economic recession is receding and the recovery is slowly beginning. Great news, right? But with recovery comes new job opportunities, and potential attrition on your staff. Particularly if IT at your company has been hard-hit and travel and training budgets cut, people could be waiting for their first chance to jump ship. That means now is the time to invest in your people — and even if you don’t have the budget you once did, you can probably afford some IT e-learning courses.

E-learning courses are available for training in many areas including networking, project management, security, ITIL and application development. They also offer certification for Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA and others. Some of the major providers for e-learning training include New Horizons Computer Learning Centers, ITCareerPro, Pultorak & Associates, SkillSoft and Costs of e-learning courses range from $50 to $275 per user for a three- to six-month usage.

For people whose learning style really requires an instructor, there are e-learning classes that include virtual trainers. This allows the students to ask questions and get the answers they need in real-time.

One way to justify the expense if you need to make a case for the funds is the price of e-learning vs. a live course. A worksheet showing the ROI of e-learning vs. traditional classroom training says the return on e-learning is 50% to 60% greater because of the costs of travel and trainers in the traditional model.

When evaluating your e-learning course options, here are some points to consider:

  • Are the instructors and courseware accredited?
  • Is the courseware technically compatible with your learning management system and browser?
  • Does the courseware vendor have decent pass rates?

As the economy starts to improve, development and training for employees can be an essential retention strategy. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

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