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Cybersecurity for competitive gain, cyberdefense myths, and crowdsourcing for talent

Cybersecurity is front and center on SearchCIO this week.

With cyberattacks coming from every corner, CIOs and security experts believe a strong security program can be a competitive differentiator for their companies, similar to how car safety determined the rise and fall of certain brands in the auto industry. But can these security evangelists convince the rest of the business that a function traditionally viewed as a cost can help the bottom line? Executive Editor Tina Torode looks into various infosec case studies in this week’s feature.

Speaking of ‘cyber’ matters — the perimeter defense is officially dead. That’s according to our expert contributor Harvey Koeppel, who addresses common cyberdefense myths in this week’s CIO Matters column and explains why it’s time to play some cyberoffense.

Koeppel isn’t alone in the call for modernizing cyberdefenses. Ed Amoroso, CSO at AT&T, proclaimed at New York’s recent Landmark CIO Summit that it’s time we scrap outdated perimeter defenses and — wait for it — head for the cloud to shore up enterprise security. Executive Editor Linda Tucci reports in our TotalCIO blog.

Also on SearchCIO…

Senior News Writer Nicole Laskowski looks into how Thomson Reuters used crowdsourcing to search for engineering talent, with a twist: through internal competitions. See how Mona Vernon, head of Thomson Reuters’ innovation data lab, got her crowdsourcing project off the ground, and what problems she suggests are crowdsource-worthy.

Meanwhile, wondering what the analytics landscape will look like in a few years? You’re in luck, because some high-profile BI experts have lots of ideas. At Gartner’s Business Intelligence and Analytics Summit, BI heads from the likes of Cisco, GE and Caesar’s Entertainment exchanged views on hiring chief digital officers, predictive analytics and more.

The latest on Searchight: Facebook tuned in to users’ penchant for creating private content, particularly in the mobile realm — and now has $2.5 billion in Q1 revenue to show for it. Take a hint from the social media giant on how to engage your users; plus, news on Apple considering environmental sensors, Obama’s soccer match with a humanoid robot, and more.

Lastly, remember the prediction that by 2017 CMOs will spend more on IT than CIOs? Forrester Research analyst Andrew Bartels digs into three big reasons why CIOs are still very much in control — and should be — of their business’ tech budgets, despite the increasing technology appetites of their colleagues at marketing.

And on SearchCompliance…

What’s so noteworthy about the Department of Health and Human Services’ announcement of an upcoming pre-HIPAA-audit survey? After all, the Office of Civil Rights has been auditing covered entities since 2012. As Ed Moyle covers in this SearchCompliance tip, what’s different in this new round of audits is that business associates will now be in the regulatory bull’s eye. Find out how business associates should address this challenge.

Hear ye, hear ye: The latest issue of our SearchCompliance handbook has arrived! Read up on the latest happenings in cloud risk management, governance and compliance, including the questions you need to ask cloud providers to gauge GRC readiness, and how cloud strategies are involving to take security into account.

If you missed April’s #GRCchat tweet jam on information lifecycle management, please check out our recap to catch up on how IT organizations are dealing with mounting data and the resulting governance issues by fortifying their information management strategy.

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